Monday March 13th, 2017

How Driving GrabCar Can Help You Succeed in Uncertain Times

The current job market is facing great changes, with stable, conventional jobs being replaced by freelance, on-demand gigs. And with economic uncertainty around us, it is more important than ever to evolve and stay relevant in a digital economy. As Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat recently said in his Budget 2017 speech, working in a space with digital solutions and creativity will help keep Singapore innovative — and that’s exactly the space Grab is in — especially with its GrabCar service.

If you’ve recently lost your job or are tight on cash, don’t despair. Hop on board this big transformation and drive your way out of uncertain times as a  GrabCar driver.

Make Good Money in Less Time with GrabCar

Why waste time and effort making cold calls when you can make better use of your time earning a steady income? Sign up as a GrabCar driver in a few simple steps: register a business profile online, purchase insurance, convert your vehicle classification and activate your Grab driver account.

Sound complicated? It’s not! Get help applying for a PDVL, business profile and vehicle insurance at the Grab offices. To convert your vehicle classification, just travel two minutes by car from the Grab offices at Sin Ming Lane to the Land Transport Authority office.

Stay Mobile As A GrabCar Driver

If you already own a car, then becoming a GrabCar driver helps you to turn your third-biggest expense into a source of income. Don’t own a car? Rent and drive one of our four available car selections. Not only do you get to travel anywhere — even to Malaysia — with your GrabCar rental car. You can also save up to $6,200 with Cashback Bonuses and Loyalty Incentives when you rent a Grab vehicle.

Did you know that Grab pays for the maintenance of your rental car? That means you won’t have to worry about spending a cent on repair works either, while ferrying passengers up and down.


Wonder how much you’ll earn? Well, stop guessing. Simply key in the hours you’d like to drive, and you’ll get to see your potential weekly earnings! You’ll be able to plan your time on the road to pay off your car, fund your kid’s education or even go on that dream vacation!

Join GrabCar and Maximise Your Income 

Forget nine-to-five jobs; decide your working hours when you drive for Grab. Many GrabCar drivers double up as freelancers because they don’t have to stick to a strict schedule. Instead, drive smartly so that you maximise the amount you earn on the road. If time allows, take on a freelance position to earn some extra money. Signing up as a GrabCar driver means you get your own car, which makes it easier for you to meet clients as an insurance or sales agent.

Answer To Yourself

As a Grab driver, you control how and what you earn. Forget office politics: all you have to do is get passengers from point A to B safe and sound. And since you decide on your working hours, you control how much you earn. Want to earn more? Simple — keep driving and keep pleasing your passengers!

Driver’s Tip: Make the most of peak hours and other Grab driver incentives, which help to stretch your earnings. Don’t say good tips never get shared! Read more on our blog for the latest driver incentives.

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