Get Back $6240 from GrabRentals

Take the wheel & nail that deal! Start 2017 right by saving more when you rent a vehicle from GrabRentals! For a limited time only, we’re offering you the best rates ever so you can start earning more with Grab.

Cashback Bonus + Loyalty Incentives = up to $6240!

If you are a new Grab Partner, get up to $3840 in cashback bonus when you rent from GrabRentals. Plus, earn up to $2400 in Loyalty Incentives!

Get up to $3840 Cashback Bonus!

Whether you’re a new or or existing GrabCar Partner, enjoy amazing savings when you rent from GrabRentals with a minimum ride target of 40 per week!


To qualify for this promotion, make sure you meet the following criteria:

Acceptance rate (AR)
above 85%
Cancel rate (AR)
below 10%
Driver Rating (DR)
of minimum 4.3
40 trips/week

Earn up to $2400 in Loyalty Incentives

When you sign up with GrabRentals or any of our exclusive fleet partners, you stand to earn up to $2400 with our Loyalty Programme. Click here for more info.

Visit us this week at the GrabRentals office (18 Sin Ming Lane, #01-10 Midview City) to find out more & lock in this deal! While stocks last.


Who is eligible?

  • You must be a new or existing GrabCar partner with the following criteria:
    • renting from either GrabRentals or Exclusive Fleet Partners from 3rd January 2017 onwards
    • have agreed to be exclusive to Grab
    • have signed onto the GrabRentals Loyalty Incentive

How can I get this cashback bonus?

  1. New drivers – Simply rent from GrabRentals or from our exclusive fleet partners
  2. Existing driver on non-exclusive fleet partner – Simply rent from GrabRentals or from our exclusive fleet partners
  3. Existing driver who have contracts close to end of contract period with GrabRentals or exclusive fleet partner – Ensure your rental contract has sufficient validity to cover the selected program period. Approach your rental company to extend your contract if necessary

When you rent from GrabRentals or an exclusive fleet partner, ensure you opt in for GrabRentals Loyalty Incentive and sign the cashback bonus form.

During the program period and base on the contract length which you have selected, you will need to ensure you drive the minimum 40 trips / week (120 trips over 3 weeks if you have a 1 month contract) and fulfil the eligibility criteria to get the weekly reward as specified.

What is the program period?

Program will start from 3rd Jan 2017 until 22th Apr 2017.

What is the payout for this?

  • For eligible drivers on a 1-month contract, there is a one time payout at the end of the contract
  • For eligible drivers on 3 & 6-month contracts, there is a weekly payout

How does the trip count and reward mechanism work?
This program follows a Monday to Sunday cycle, which means that the weekly trip count requirement will start:

  • the Monday after you’ve signed the rental agreement with GrabRentals or one of Grab’s exclusive Fleet Partners, and opted into the GrabRentals Loyalty Program
  • OR the Monday after you’ve extended your contract with GrabRentals or one of Grab’s exclusive Fleet Partners

Payment is made to eligible drivers the following week.

Who is not eligible?

  • Drivers who are currently enrolled in or want to enroll in the Income Guarantee Scheme
  • New drivers who are currently enjoying the Mazda 3 Rental Rebate Offer are not eligible until they agree to extend their rental contract (only possible after current contract ends)

I am the main hirer and I would like to rent a car from GrabRentals / Exclusive Fleet Partner with a relief driver. Will each of us be able to earn the weekly reward?

Only the main hirer renting the car from GrabRentals/Exclusive Fleet Partner will be eligible for the cashback bonus.

*Grab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of driver incentives at any time without prior notice.