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Fare Boost Incentives for Drivers Activated from 21-26 November

Welcome to Grab! This week, enjoy a Guaranteed Fare Boost of up to 2.4X usual fares! Remember – this is the minimum you will earn! Also, enjoy all-day $6 minimum fare guarantee which applies from Monday to Thursday:

  • If you collect less than $6 in final fares for any trip, we’ll top it up to $6.
  • This applies on top of all other incentives, including Guaranteed Fare Boost!

Click on the following links to find out more about Guaranteed Fare Boost.
English video / 华文版


How to read this table:
  • The numbers in the table show the fare boost amount for each time and location block. Example: You are guaranteed 2.4 times the total Usual Fare for all trips starting from Central (inc. Bedok & Sentosa) & Northeast that you complete between 07.00 to 08.59 on Mon to Thu. Grab will top up any difference in earnings should you not earn this amount.
  • Regions and time blocks with the same fare boost are grouped into a single block. For example, the fare boost for trips starting from Northeast, North, East & West is 1.8 times from 17.00 – 18.59. This is why you only see one fare block for that time/region.There are 12 fare blocks from Monday to Thursday.
  • The fare boost region for each trip is based on the pick up location of the trip. An interactive map is available at, where you can zoom in for more details and search for specific locations to see which region it is in.
  • Usual fare may be found in driver job history. For more details, please refer to our FAQs.

Make sure you satisfy the following criteria to qualify for incentives:

Acceptance rate (AR)
above 80%
Cancel rate (CR)
below 10%
At least
4.3 star rating

Cars owned by
other ride-sharing
platforms excluded.