Earn Smarter with GrabShare

We want to thank you for supporting GrabShare during its launch. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve looked over all the rides taken on GrabShare and we’re happy to share that drivers who have taken GrabShare bookings, have earned 6% more (before taking incentives into account).

We hear your feedback and are working to create a better GrabShare experience for everyone. We’ve listed some of your top concerns below:

Your Most Pressing GrabShare Concerns

Q: GrabShare jobs ‘bo hua’ leh!

A: Our data shows that drivers who take GrabShare bookings earn on average 6% more in fares per hour (excluding incentives) than drivers who don’t.

On top of this, our GrabShare 30% Fare Top-Up incentives guarantee that you make more on every GrabShare trip than you would on a GrabCar trip! (No AR/CR/DR criteria). An example is shown below.

Plus, your GrabShare trips also count towards your weekly GrabCar incentives. The more GrabShare trips you take, the easier it is to earn more incentives for the week!


Q: Your matches sometimes not on the way leh

A: We are working to improve the matching logic to ensure that you get the best matches possible, to maximise the amount you earn for every hour you’re online. If you do receive a poorly matched trip, please share the booking ID with us at share.match@grab.com so that we can investigate and make any fixes needed. Your partnership in providing us feedback is greatly valued and appreciated.

Q: Passengers keep cancelling and wasting my time

We’ve just rolled out a cancellation fee to passengers who frequently cancel. This will help optimise your time & efforts as well as minimise fuel costs & waiting time.

Your support of this product is important for it to be a success. We appreciate you trying it out & giving us your feedback as we work to continuously improve.