Protect Your Fares and EARN more with our new JustGrab Total Fare Guarantee and JustGrab Bonus! – For selected drivers only!

For this week, complete as many JUSTGRAB jobs as you can to EARN MORE! Your total JUSTGRAB job fares are now protected by our new Total Fare Guarantee. What’s more, complete a minimum number of jobs and earn JustGrab bonuses. This is for the week of 24 to 30 April 2017. Available for selected drivers only.

Easy To Understand Guide

Q1: How many Total Fares Guarantee hours are there?
A1: ALL TIMES, as long as you have completed MINIMUM of 60 JUSTGRAB jobs from 24 April 0000hrs to 30 April 2359 hrs.


Q2: What does Grab guarantee me?
A2: Grab guarantees you your Total Fares for the week! For example, if you have completed 60 JUSTGRAB jobs, you are guaranteed Total Fares of $810. For 90 JUSTGRAB jobs completed, you are guaranteed Total Fares of $1,215. For 120 JustGrab jobs completed, you are guaranteed Total Fares of $1,620.

If you do not earn the guaranteed Total Fares, we will TOP-UP the difference! Please note that the Total Fare Guarantee excludes any commissions due to Grab.


Q4: Could you give me some examples of how the Total Fare Guarantee scheme works?
A4: Example 1: From 24 to 30 April, Mr Tan completed 110 JUSTGRAB Jobs and collected a total of $1,265 in fares (before levy deduction). He also maintained his Acceptance Rate at 70%, and Cancellation Rate at 5%.

For 110 JUSTGRAB jobs, with the Total Fare Guarantee, GrabTaxi guarantees him Total JustGrab Fares of $1,485. Therefore, GrabTaxi will top up his fare by $220 ($1,485 – $1,265). After GrabTaxi commissions of 10%, he will receive a final fare of $198! ($220 x 90%). He is also eligible for the JUSTGRAB additional Bonus of $300.

This means he takes home $1,636.50 in total fares after commissions and incentives for JUST THIS WEEK!


Example 2: From 24 April to 30 April,  Ah Yap completed a total of 50 JUSTGRAB jobs and collected a total fares of $600. He also maintained his Acceptance Rate at 85%, and Cancellation Rate at 10%.

Despite maintaining a high AR and low CR, he is not eligible for the Total Fare Guarantee, as he did not complete a MINIMUM of 60 JUSTGRAB jobs. 


Q5: How is the Eligibility criteria calculated?
A5: Weekly AR/CR criteria applies. To qualify for the incentives & Total Fixed Fare Guarantee, you must maintain at least 70% Acceptance Rate (AR) and below 10% Cancellation Rate (CR).  Remember, JustGrab are FIXED FARE jobs, so please key in the FIXED FARES into your meter before you start the trip. Any cases of meter fares instead of FIXED FARE is keyed in will result in all JustGrab incentives & Fare Guarantee to be voided.