Driver Incentive 2.0 Update

Track your trips and incentives straight away!


With the updated Grab Driver app, you’ll be able to track your trips and incentives right away.

These improvements were designed to help you keep track of your progress, learn about upcoming incentives and how to maximise your earnings with Grab. And, best of all, you can do all of these straight away in the app.


How to:

1. Track pending trips & incentives

Track how far away are you from achieving your incentive goals while you drive.
Home > Menu > Incentives > In progress

2. Check completed trips

Review your completed rides and incentive statuses.
Home > Menu > Incentives > Ended

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1. When can I see my Acceptance Rate update?
Your Acceptance Rate will be visible immediately after ignoring or accepting a job.

2. When can I see my Cancellation Rate update?
Your Cancellation Rate will be visible immediately after cancelling a job.

3. When can I see my Completion Rate update?
Your Completion Rate will be updated either when you accept, ignore or cancel a job.

4. When can I see my driver Online Hours update?
Your Online Hours are updated on a minute-by-minute basis when you are online and available for jobs.

5. When can I see my trip count update?
Your trip count will be automatically reflected in the app when you complete a trip.

6. When will I see my Driver Rating update?
Your Driver Rating will continue to be updated daily after passengers rate their experiences riding with you.