Tuesday April 4th, 2017

Drive a GrabCar Now and Be Boss!

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, we log on to our social media accounts to complain about work and how much we hate our jobs.

You just can’t take it anymore.

While it might seem cathartic to bash your employer online, why don’t you just quit and channel the energy to work for yourself?

Kick-starting a business can be a profoundly satisfying experience. Sure, the uncertainty is equally unnerving but thanks to share-riding apps like Grab, becoming your own boss is not too far out of reach – just drive off in a GrabCar.

Driving GrabCar is to be Human

As a GrabCar driver, you’re in control of the hours that you work. For some of us, this is the ultimate freedom that we seek. We want to create time. We want to live a life, not slave away the precious hours of our lives – to have time is to be human.

There’s no restrictions with Grab as to when you work. This is really the best part about being a GrabCar driver. You can simply turn Grab on at any point. If you’re a night owl, driving with Grab makes perfect sense as you can finally make money at hours that really suit you.

GrabCar – A Quick Way to Make Money

We didn’t say it’s the quickest way to get rich but this is the quickest and most innovative way to make money out of driving. Simply get the right tools and you’ll be plying the roads in a few days. Compare that to taking up a job waiting tables at a cafe – you need to wait a few weeks before you can start work.

These are just two fantastic reasons for driving for Grab. Here are four more benefits:

1. You can make money while helping others

It’s every party-goer’s nightmare: Everyone has a good time drinking but not everyone makes it home safely after the party is over.

As a Grab driver, you will be offering a helpful and safe option for anyone who can’t drive safely, to get home safely.

2. You will know all the Hot Spots in Singapore

You’ll become the friend whom everyone turns to for the best spots to do anything in town! Where to eat, where the hippest spots are, and how to get around the city …. it’s all there at your fingertips. So when someone tells you that Singapore is boring, you can easily change his mind.  When you start driving for Grab, the calls will take you to all the hottest spots and busiest streets that you didn’t think even existed. Most important of all, you will have exclusive first-hand info on all the hidden dining gems on the island.

3. You can listen to lots of interesting stories – and share some too

Love to talk? This is the perfect job for you. If your passenger sounds like the equally chatty kind, you’re in for a great time! And you get to hear lots of juicy stories too! From girls complaining about their boyfriends – and guys bragging about their partners, there’s never a dull trip when a lively passenger comes on board!

4. You Can Widen Your Network

Who knows which important contact may be hopping into your car? You can pick up smart ideas or useful contacts just from meeting people who take a Grab ride with you. And you’re guaranteed that going to the “office” will never be boring again!

So if you’re looking for a smart, fast  and exciting way to be your own boss, make Grab your choice today.


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