You’re All Invited To Get Grab’s Year-End Townhall!

Christmas is less than a month away, and you know what they say. It’s the season of giving. Through #BetterEveryday, we at Grab have stopped at nothing to give you a rewarding driving experience as the days go by. But like our previous Townhall where we strove to resolve nagging problems voiced out by you driver-partners, there are lots of room for improvement. And that starts in our end-of-year Townhall – you’re all invited!

In order to be productive as a team and get to the root of how we can improve your earnings and well-being on the roads, we understand that we have to maintain a two-way form of communication. We want to hear your opinion, your voice.

That’s why this time round, we are going to do our Townhall session a little bit… differently. You know those town council grassroots that people usually love to go to? Only now, we’re handing the reins over to you for the day as we listen to what you feel needs to be done. We also don’t mind being your Aunt Agony – go on ahead and supply us with complaints about annoying passengers and whatnot, while we supply the food.

So what are some of the upcoming changes? We’re aware of the inconveniences that may occur when it comes to picking up your passenger; before, during, or after. You might have noticed new initiatives like Grabchat picture messages, recommended pick-up points and improved map accuracy. Also, to beef up your earnings, there’s the new and improved GrabShare to string up more matches (thus, higher fares) for you.

Oh, and don’t forget, this is a good chance for you to network with other driver-partners, especially if you’re new to the team. It’s like the Lobang Corner came to life!

There are more, so be sure to join us at the Townhall to absorb everything! Keep your eyes and ears peeled as we reveal more details along the way. Meanwhile, fill in a simple survey and vote on the top 3 topics you want to discuss at the townhall!

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