Tuesday April 25th, 2017

Turning Your Retrenchment into a Rewarding Journey

Newspaper headlines of late say it all: 2017 is going to be rough on the wallet. The recently announced Singapore Budget 2017 does soften the blow a little, with everything from personal income tax rebates to housing grants for married couples. However, for those who have recently lost their jobs, the cushioning from the Singapore Budget 2017 is just not quite enough.

In truth, retrenchment does not necessarily need to be the end of the road. It is still possible to maintain a happy lifestyle by, enjoying a part- or full-time as a Grab driver. Here’s how:

1. Maximise Your Income

Driving Grab can be more lucrative than you think. On average, a Grab driver can expect to take in about $30 per hour during non-peak hours. Even better, driving during peak hours can bring in about $38 per hour. And since 63 hours out of every week is earmarked by Grab as peak hours, you as a driver will have more than enough opportunities to maximise your intake.

2. Incentives, Incentives and More Incentives

Being retrenched  does not mean you have to cancel that family vacation. The best part about driving for Grab is that the more you drive, the more incentives you get. 

3. More Support for the Family

There are more ways to support your family than being the sole breadwinner. Sometimes, it is also about being there for your family — even if you are out of a job for now. Being a Grab driver allows you to be flexible with your working hours.

For example, you can visit your parents if you are in their neighbourhood or pick your children up from school and take them for an afternoon playdate. Having the freedom to choose when to start or end work means that you have more time for those that matter the most.

4. Never Stop Learning

A full-time job offers you the chance to hone your skills, and develop new ones, every day. And that’s just the case for Grab, too. With regular events like first-aid courses or educational days involving our drivers’ kids, there’s always a space to learn and grow at Grab.

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