Thursday May 18th, 2017

Surviving Singapore as a Non-Graduate

The best thing about the gig economy — where temporary positions for short-term engagements are common — is that everyone starts off on the same foot. No degree, no problem. And with the gig economy fast overtaking the traditional 9-5 workforce, freelancing has become the new cool kid on the block. And nowhere is this more evident than in the tech sector.

So, degree or no degree, it’s up to you to determine how well you do. Here are three jobs in the tech gig sector that pay the bills while giving you the freedom to work as you wish, when you want to.

Consider these four career options – that do not require a degree:

1. Entrepreneur

Forget being a yes man. As Warren Buffet said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything”. This doesn’t mean turning down every opportunity. Being an entrepreneur gives you the chance to jump on big opportunities instead of leaving them to the big bosses.

Another great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you reap the maximum benefits and rewards from a successful business. No more working 12-hour shifts just so your bosses get their bonuses.

Of course, to succeed here you need a world-class idea. These can come when you have time to manage your own schedule: like being a Grab driver, choosing to work when and how you want.

2. Private Hire Driver

Perhaps one of the most exciting jobs of this decade, private hire (or ride-hailing) drivers are basically people who drive a car that can pay for itself — and more. That’s right, while other Singaporeans spend years paying off car loans, Grab drivers are turning their cars into assets.

The great thing about driving with Grab is that it gives you the independence to travel wherever you want, on top of the earnings that you make from rides. If you don’t own a car, pick from a series of Grab car rentals at rates that won’t break the bank. It’s as simple as deciding if you are more a Toyota or Mazda person.

If you already own a car, take to the roads and stand to earn up to $7,200 a month. All this without years of university and expensive student loans.

3. Blogger

Who would have thought the act of writing or filming your life and interests could be a full-time job? Sounds like a dream, but today it’s possible. You just have to find what your niche is: food reviewing, sketch writing, collecting graphic novels — if you can own a subject and tell it in your own voice, the viewers will come. And once you build up an audience, ads and sponsorship can follow.

There are plenty of other 21st century jobs that have huge potential, of course. But it can take a while to climb the ladder of any of them. Whichever field you choose, why not drive with Grab in the meantime, so that you can keep earning money throughout your career change? Sign up now!


More life benefits on becoming a Grab driver:



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