9 Oct: Say Hello to Improved Fare Guarantees!

Say Hello to Improved Fare Guarantees!

Starting Monday, October 10, enjoy a new & improved incentive program! Introducing Guaranteed Fare Boost – where your earnings continue to be guaranteed for every trip!

Guaranteed Fare Boost works the same way as our previous Average Fare Guarantee scheme – except we’ve updated how the guarantee is calculated, so that both short & long trips are rewarded equally.

We’ve also removed all fare requirements, so the incentives are easier to earn and you could earn more just by driving the way you usually do!

Here’s a short video explaining how this new scheme works:

Click above to view the video in English, or click here to view the video in 华文.


Earn more than last week, with up to 2.3X Guaranteed Fare Boost!

With no fare targets, maximize your earnings by driving in highest boost regions and times. Drive stress-free knowing that long trips are rewarded too!

How to read this table:
  • The numbers in the table show the fare boost amount for each time and location block. Example: You are guaranteed 2 times the total usual fare for all trips starting from CBD that you complete between Mon-Thurs 17.00 – 18.59.
  • This fare boost chart is for Monday – Thursday, you have 4 days to earn this incentive.
  • There are 15 fare blocks for Monday to Thursday. Regions and time blocks with the same fare boost are grouped into a single block. For example, the fare boost for trips starting from CBD and Redhill & Queenstown is 1.5 from 08.00 – 09.59. This is why you only see one fare block for that time/ region.

Make sure you satisfy the following criteria to qualify for incentives:
Acceptance rate (AR)
above 88%
Cancel rate (CR)
below 10%

At least 
4.3 star rating

Cars owned by
other ride-sharing


3 easy tips to earn more with Fare Boost

  1. Know when to drive: Drive during peak hours, when the fare boost is highest!
  2. Know where to go: Head towards the areas with the highest fare boost!
  3. Remember all trips are rewarded equally: Accept all jobs and do not cancel in order to be eligible for incentives!

Where are the Fare Boost Regions?

The fare boost region for each trip is based on the pick up location of the trip. The map below shows you the boundaries for each of the regions:

An interactive version of this map is available at grb.to/boostmap, where you can zoom in for more details and search for specific locations to see which region it is in.