New: GrabShare Pickup Sequence Improvement

Dear Partner,

We’ve heard your feedback! As part of Better 365, we’ll be introducing a new feature to help you get the most efficient pick-up sequence during GrabShare jobs, making sure you get the most out of the time you spend on the road.

With this change, the pick-up sequence in GrabShare jobs will be automatically updated to pick up the passenger closest to you. Therefore making the trip shorter for everyone!

Just remember to relaunch your GPS app when that happens! Look out for the update this coming week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How would I know if the pick up order is switched?
A: There will be a pop up message to inform you that the route has been updated, and to remind you to re-navigate to the new passenger’s pickup. If you miss this notification, you can still refer to the top row of the app which shows you the order to pick up your passenger

Q: What kind of jobs does this feature apply to?
A: Only GrabShare jobs whereby the second passenger may be closer to the driver, compared to the first passenger.

Q: How many times will this happen during a matched trip?
A: Only once throughout your matched trip AND it can only happen upon accepting the second passenger’s booking

Q: What am I supposed to do after I see the re-route message?
A: Make sure that you relaunch your GPS app so that you drive to the new pick up location. If you do not relaunch the GPS app, you may end up driving to pick up the wrong passenger!