Friday May 26th, 2017

5 Reasons Why a Traditional Desk Job Sucks

Every once in a while, you hear of someone being paid to travel around the world. Such enviable news stories go viral because jobs like that are what our dreams are made of.

Unfortunately most of us have desk jobs that, to put it bluntly, suck.

There is something about being tied to a work desk that drains the soul. The pitfalls of desk jobs are real, and here are the most common few:

1. Inflexible Hours

Some offices have flexible working hours, but you know how rare that is. If you have to work overtime, “too bad”! You return to work at the exact same time the next morning, whether you burned the midnight oil or not.

Being a Grab driver as a job, your working hours are as flexible as you want them to be. Calling it a day after two hours of driving around Singapore? You’re the boss.

2. Dealing With
That Colleague

Working with toxic colleagues is one thing. Having to share the workspace with them is something else altogether. If you just cannot get along with the colleague next to your cubicle, you are stuck with him until he leaves or you do.

Grab drivers, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about colleagues. You are your own best company on the road.

3. Big Boss is Watching

We’ve all texted a family member or surfed Facebook at work. If the work gets done at the end of the day, it shouldn’t hurt, right? The truth is, at the work desk, someone is always lurking over your shoulders, if not physically, then digitally. Yes, there may be a record of all the minutes and seconds you spent posting cat pictures. How is that for a lack of privacy?

But as a Grab driver, there is nobody looking over your shoulder. You’re the boss.

4. It’s Bad for Your Health

Science will tell you that sitting down at the desk all day is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It has been linked to increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer! Of course, Grab drivers spend a lot of time seated as well, but here’s the crucial difference: they can stop working anytime, choose to take a 90-minute to stretch their legs, or drive all the way home for a nap if they want to.

5. Finding Work-Life Balance

Traditional desk jobs do not allow you to work and pick up the kids from school at the same time. When your office is the car you drive, Grab drivers can strike the perfect work-life balance and tend to their errands at the same time.

Start a job where you’re in control.

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