Tuesday April 25th, 2017

GrabCar – The 4 Wheels of Freedom

Do you ever find yourself feeling out of breath after a work day? When everything revolves around deadlines and rigid work schedules — if you are not already working overtime, that is — it is easy to feel like everything is spinning out of control. And we are not even talking about your personal life…yet!

Calling the shots in your life is, in fact, not as difficult as it sounds. Here, we present a few tips on how to regain control and be your own boss all over again!

1. Learn to Strike a Balance

One reason why we often feel out of control at work is because it is difficult to stop and take a breather, without looking like you are skiving on the job. While this move might seem wise, it actually does more harm than good. When you are unable to take a break in between tasks, stress sets in and affects your work performance. As a Grab driver, you have the flexibility to work, rest, play and even spend time with family. Need a kopi? Take a short break and refuel at the nearest coffee shop before accepting your next trip!

2. Be Strict About ‘Me’ Time

Most of us devote five days a week to work, then schedule two days to everything else — but is that really the case? Work sometimes spills over into the weekends, and family commitments take up time as well. That’s why you want to be strict about your ‘Me’ time, and know what you want out of it. As a full-time Grab driver, it is all about the ‘Me’ time. If you prefer Thursdays to be family time, that works! Everything is flexible as a Grab driver.

3. Try Something New

If you have been working a dead-end job for the better part of your life, what is stopping you from planning an additional or different source of income? Driving for Grab is not conventional, sure, but ask any driver and he will tell you that there is a sense of freedom that comes along with it. You get to decide when you want to start and stop driving every day. If you want to take a longer-than-usual break at the neighbourhood coffee shop, by all means!

4. Control Your Income

Speaking of the freedom, you also get to decide exactly how much money to take home at the end of the day. It is not uncommon to feel overworked and underpaid at your desk job. Grab drivers, on the other hand, know exactly how much they need to drive to bring in their desired income — no more overtimes!

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