Wednesday April 19th, 2017

4 Ways to Respond to a Layoff

These are challenging times. An unstable global economy and the domestic job crunch are causing many of us to feel uncertain about our future. And if you have been laid off recently, well, no one can blame you for feeling negative.

But there are ways of picking yourself up. Here are a few powerful strategies to get out of an unemployment rut and turn your situation around.

Hit the Re-set Button

GrabCar driver Marcus Lim fell into depression after losing his job as the Head of an IT department. Already in his 40s, he faced great difficulty in securing another job that offered a similar position and pay. Eventually, he decided to pick up the pieces and apply as a Grab driver. Being able to provide for his family again after four months of unemployment and being on the move eventually drove him out of his depressive state.

Let’s face it, it can be traumatic to go from being gainfully employed to unemployed. To keep yourself from slipping into depression, make sure that you are eating right, exercising, getting enough rest and keeping your mind active.

If you are freelancing, regain your confidence by honing your skills and connecting with people. Grab drivers speak to Singaporeans across all walks of life, dozens of times a day — it’s the perfect way to network and learn about potential job openings.

Network and Make Use of Your Assets

Keep in touch with family, friends and even former colleagues. Once you have come to terms with being retrenched, scroll through your address book and reach out to those who might be able to offer you a possible freelance position.

Do you own a car? Let it pay for itself by signing up as a Grab driver. Not only does this let you earn some money on the side, but it also gives you the time and freedom to attend job interviews. If you sign up, don’t forget to reach out to contacts who might be looking for a job too. You could earn a commission from your referrals.

Look Ahead

It might not be a good move to remain in an industry that is experiencing tough times. Plan for the long term by researching industries that are on the rise — like ride-sharing. As one of Asia’s most successful tech start-ups, Grab is a platform that is forging Singapore’s future — drive for us, and you’re part of a new and exciting industry.

Land the Right Job

Once you have researched potential industries to break into, match them to a list of goals that you want to achieve.

If you want a job that gives you more time with your family, coupled with an easy way to earn money without months of re-training or study, why not drive for Grab? So dust off the past, take the high road and regain control of your life — with Grab, the best years of your life are right around the corner.

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