Keep track of your earnings all on the App


Introducing the revamped History Tab for all Android 5.10 driver-partners. Now, you can stay on top of all of your fare collections, straight from the app!

This feature gives you a daily and weekly breakdown of the number of trips you did, and the total amount of fares you earned. This removes the need for manual tracking, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones.


How will the revamped History Breakdown look like?

Daily Job list Weekly Job list


How will this feature help me?

  • Save time: No need for manual tracking
  • Transparency: See your daily and weekly earnings. Or drill down to get a clear receipt breakdowns within the app
  • Visibility: Track your performance faster. So you can plan your time on the road better to hit your earning goals

Please note:

  • The History tab reflects up to the past 30 days’/3 weeks’ fare collections.
  • It only displays job-related and not incentive related information

How will the Receipt Breakdown look like?

 Fare collected by Cash Fare collected by GrabPay  Fare collected with demand surcharge 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do the dollar values in the Daily & Weekly list mean?

A: It shows the total fares you earn for all the trips you did on a daily and weekly basis.


Q: What is the meaning of ‘CANCELLED’ in the Daily job list?

A: ‘CANCELLED’ is displayed for all trips that are cancelled. Click on job to learn why this job was cancelled. A trip can be cancelled by the driver, passenger or operator.


Q: What does the distance shown in the Job Details mean?

A: This is the distance of the job.


Q: What does Receipt in the Job Details mean?

A: The Receipt is a summary that includes a breakdown of each job’s total fare charged to passengers, as well as your final nett earnings.


Q: What does Fare shown in the Job Details mean?

A: Fare is Base Fare + per KM fare + per minute fare. It does not include high demand surcharges.  


Q: What does Demand Surcharge shown in the Job Details mean?

A: Demand Surcharge is the extra  fare that you receive when demand is high.


Q: What does Earnings Summary shown in the Job Details mean?

A: Earnings Summary gives you a breakdown of your nett earnings from the job.