Dear Driver-Partner,

Passengers will appreciate small service gestures from you. You may manage every journey with the following service steps to create a delightful experience for passengers:

1. Greet warmly
2. Reconfirm destination, payment mode
3. Assist when you can. Be ready to help the elderly, or those with movement disability
4. Remind passengers to collect their belongings before drop-off
5. Advise extra charges such as toll fee at the end of the ride, to avoid disagreements due to unexpected charges

Watch the video for more tips.

Get more Tips at GrabAcademy (In-App Feature).

How to Access:
Step 1: Under ‘More’, tap ‘Support’
Step 2: Tap the ‘GrabAcademy’ option
Step 3:  Tap on ‘New Topics’ to proceed
Step 4: There is a wide variety of topics for selection in GrabAcademy