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3 wacky games to play this Chinese New Year that don’t involve gambling

Yes, Chinese New Year is coming.

This year, instead of bonding over the usual games like mahjong, blackjack or dai di, why not try something different? Instead of betting on luck, these gathering-friendly games require you to rely on your creativity, logic and wit to win.

Say What?

Remember all the times your ah ma conversed with you in dialect and you’d just nod and smile because you didn’t understand a single word?

Say What? is here to improve your dialect skills!  

How to play:

  • Players are split into two teams
  • Each team nominates a reader
  • The reader takes one card each from the blue and red decks and combines them to form a phrase in dialect or language.
  • The reader then reads and acts out the phrase and his/her team has one minute to guess what it means in  English to score a point.
  • The process is repeated between both teams until the cards run out and the team with the most number of correct answers wins.


  • Team A’s reader picks a blue card that reads “ngoh sei” (“I eat” in Cantonese) and red card that reads “katt chat” (“cockroach” in Cantonese).
  • Team A’s reader has to say and act out “Ngoh sei katt chat”.

Enjoy a good laugh with your family and relatives as you stumble over mispronunciations and awkward acting. Chinese New Year is a great time for bonding, take the chance to have some fun whilst learning a new dialect or language!


Evil Apples: Dirty as _____.

If you are planning to have gatherings with friends, you should definitely try this free mobile app game inspired by the popular party game Cards Against Humanity (CAH). It is exceptionally popular among those who have a wicked sense of humour but we are not too sure if your naggy aunt would share your sense of humour…

The answer cards are all filled with politically-incorrect words or phrases so you can’t win the game by being nice.

How to play:

  • Each player takes turns being “The Judge”
  • “The Judge” draws a card which shows an incomplete sentence or a question
  • The other players must select one card, which they think is the funniest, from their hand as an answer
  • “The Judge” selects his/her favourite answer and the player wins the round
  • The game continues until one player wins seven rounds.


  • Question: What makes God cry? 
  • Answer: Deciding who will live and who will die


The Sing Along Game

Instead of scrolling through endless feeds of social media during a long commute to your relative’s house, why not indulge in your singer-wannabe self? All aspiring Nathan Hartonos and Joanna Dongs will get a kick out of this game and the best part is, everyone in the car can participate – even the driver! 

How to play:

  • Participants have to sit in a circle and connect different songs together by starting the next line of lyrics from the last word of the previous song
  • Each participant takes a turn after each line
  • The game continues until someone messes it up

Pro Tip: Increase the difficulty level of the game by adding more rules (i.e. limit songs to genres, artists, etc.)


  • “And in your eyes, you’re holding mine… Baby, I..” (Ed Sheeren, Perfect)
  • I want it that way, tell me why..” (Backstreet boys, I Want It That Way)
  • Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?” (Travis, Why does it always rain on me)

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