Share a ride, and enjoy up to 40% lower fares.

Why is it Always Better to Share?

Lower fares

Save a lot with up to
40% lower fares

Comfortable ride

Upgrade your commute.
Save yourself from the hassles of commuting in public. 

A sharing community

Meet new people and help everyone move around the city despite the traffic

Help the environment

Lesser cars means lesser pollution and reducing your carbon footprint

A New Way to Commute

Starting July 29, 2019, there will be two GrabShare options to choose from: 

Option 1 - Find A Ride Now

Book with this option to look for a GrabShare ride immediately.

Option 2 - Wait and Save

Book with this option for the most affordable fare. Give us up to 5 minutes to match you with other passengers headed towards the same direction.

^Available only on minimum app version v5.52.1 – please update your app to the latest version

What do you get for waiting up to 5 minutes?

GrabShare (Wait and Save)

Better fares

Save money with up to
40% lower fares

Better comfort

Save yourself a seat.
Sit back and relax on your ride.

Better route

Wait for a while as we match you with other passengers headed to the same destination with a better route plan.

How does the 5-minute wait work?

Only applicable on the GrabShare (Wait and Save) option.

Book it.

Give us up to 5 minutes to:

  1. Find the most efficient match with other passengers on your route.
  2. Assign you a driver.

Done! Sit back and relax!

What will my GrabShare ride look like?

How to ride GrabShare responsibly?


Carefully select your pick-up point, so your driver can get to you quickly.

Be on time!

Your driver will wait up to 3 minutes. Contact your driver to ensure a smooth pick-up.

You can bring one friend

If you have 2 passengers or more riding with you (including children), please book GrabCar instead.


You can be matched with other riders at any time during your trip.


Drivers must always follow the drop-off sequence shown in app. Additional stops won’t be accommodated.

Secure your belongings

Have everything with you before you get down.

Frequently Asked Questions

GrabShare is an on-demand carpooling service, you can book at any time at a reduced cost and it allows you to carpool with multiple parties headed in the same direction.
All Grabshare drivers are from Grab’s professional GrabCar fleet.
GrabShare fares can be up to 40% lower than GrabCar fares.

Just check the Grab app! Remember, you can be matched with other passengers at any time during your ride.

If someone else was picked up before you, the Grab app will say ‘Driver is on the way to pick you up. You’ll be sharing with another rider.‘

If you’re already on the trip and will be picking up another rider, the Grab app will say ‘We found you another rider.‘ or ‘Driver is picking up another rider.‘

You’ll only be charged for toll if you were in the car when it passed through the toll gate. Here are some examples, to demonstrate:

Scenario 1: Only one passenger is onboard when the car passes a toll gate.
Result: Toll charges to be paid by passenger.

Scenario 2: Two passengers are onboard when the car passes a toll gate.
Result: Toll is split equally between both passengers.

Scenario 3: Passenger A is onboard. Car passes a toll gate, and picks up Passenger B.
Result: Passenger A is charged toll. Passenger B is not.

Bring only one (1) friend, so that everyone can be seated comfortably in the car. Price may differ for 2 seats.

If you have two passengers or more with you (even if they’re children), please book a GrabCar instead.

Maximum of 3 minutes, at your selected pick-up point. If you need more time, contact your Grab driver at once for a smooth pick-up.
No. If you wish to change your destination, simply cancel the ride and book a new one.

Just check the Grab app.

If you’re being dropped off first, the Grab app will say ‘Driver is dropping you off first.‘

If the other passenger is being dropped off first, the Grab app will say ‘Driver is dropping off the other rider.‘

No. The driver must always follow the drop-off sequence in the app. This is the quickest route between your drop-off points. If you’re in a hurry, consider booking a GrabCar instead.
No. The Grab mapping tool finds the fastest route to your destination. Please trust the route determined by the app.

Under the “Look for other passengers” GrabShare option, you will have to wait up to 8 minutes after booking your ride before our system finds a driver for you.

Our system uses this time to look for other passengers who are heading the same direction as you, plan the most optimal route, and lastly find a driver for the shared ride.

Don’t worry, even if the system is unable to match you to other passengers, it will continue to look for a driver for you. In exchange for waiting, you will be able to enjoy more affordable fares.

GrabShare (Look for other passengers) option is only available on minimum app version v5.52.1 – please update to the latest version of the Grab app here.