Code of Conduct: GrabFood Merchant

The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines and standards that we hold our merchant-partners accountable to as part of our Grab community. This ensures that our users are protected, our systems are not abused and that, working with our merchant-partner, we deliver the best experience to our users. Grab maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards violations of the Code of Conduct, and infringements can result in suspension or termination of user access to the Grab platform (see here for details).

Do not commit any illegal activities

All merchants are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries where goods and services are provided. Sale or listing for sale any prohibited and exotic food items are not allowed- such as dog, bats, civet cats, snakes, and scorpions etc. Merchant partners are strictly forbidden from committing any form of sexual offence, including making lewd comments/ texts, sexual harassment, unwanted physical contact, unlawful restraint, drugging, molestation and rape. These are criminal offences under the law and a serious violation of the Company’s safety policy. Offenders will be prosecuted under the law. Bear in mind that harassment differs according to societal and personal norms — commenting on appearance, asking overly personal questions and infringing into personal space are generally deemed inappropriate. We urge you to be mindful of others’ privacy and personal space. Texting or calling delivery partners and consumers outside of professional grounds is both a form of harassment and a breach to his or her entitlement to personal security and data protection. Do not solicit or poach consumers to order outside the GF platform. Do not receive or give any gifts/presents and bribes to and from delivery partners and GrabFood merchant-facing staff. Do not spread false rumours about GrabFood, GF staff and customers as it damages reputations and violates the protection from harassment Act.

Be friendly and professional towards delivery partners

Any physical and verbal abuse against delivery partners will not be tolerated, and may be reported to the authorities. You shall not discriminate/ harass/ threaten any delivery partners within the premises or over the telephone. Acts of discrimination and harassment such as asking for mobile numbers, stalking or taking photos may result in disciplinary actions or legal prosecution. Prepare and communicate to your staff a Standardized Delivery Procedure and assign specific delivery responsibilities to the kitchen staff (eg. order verification).

Be respectful and patient with Grab Merchant-facing staff

You should be respectful in your communication with AM, they are doing their best to help you with your inquiries and problems. Please give some time for the AMs to come back with an answer to the inquiry because it may require further investigation or involvement of other GrabFood Departments, however, AM will reply back as soon as he/she has an answer.

Resolve disputes with your Dax, Grab Merchant-Facing staff and customers respectfully

If you have a dispute or a conflict with a delivery partner, your Account Manager, or unhappy customer, we encourage you to report the case to Grab as soon as possible. We aim to serve all parties impartially and will take such actions as appropriate.

Verify your orders

You should always make sure that you send to your customers the food items that they have ordered and verify it before giving it to delivery partners. Check the food items one by one and ensure it matches the Grab Merchant App before passing it over to the delivery partners. When there is a batching order, to ensure that the order is packed for the correct order number.

Dealing with peak hour

During the lunch, dinner, holiday, and rain times restaurants tend to be particularly busy as there is peak of delivery orders. Please be prepared to handle the surge of orders and be patient with our driver-partners. Prepare a staffing protocol which may include clear division of responsibilities on who is dealing with delivery orders and who is preparing and serving food for dine-in customers.

Follow special instructions carefully

Additional attention should be given to special instructions from customers on food items (eg. extra chili, no prawns, egg or onions as some customers may be allergic and may fall ill. Ensure that appropriate condiments, straws (if necessary), napkins, and plastic utensils are provided along with all delivery orders.

Honour a booking you have accepted

This is very important in building customer confidence and encourages more restaurant merchants and consumers to use GrabFood, which means more jobs for you as a whole. If you are not ready to handle the orders, please do not turn on your app or during a surge, please switch off your app.

Keep your restaurant information and Grab Merchant App updated and accurate

Update the restaurant information on working hours, menu prices and photos, location. Please ensure that your in-app opening hours are aligned with your physical store opening hours; customers are able to place orders based on your in-app opening hours; Ensure that the price of your food on the app is the same amount that you collect from the driver/ eater; Ensure you have switched on the volume of notifications on your phone to the maximum volume, and enabled Auto-calls and Notifications in the settings; You may contact your merchant-facing staff to opt in to our Auto-Accepts programme for every incoming order, which will only be shown to you if we can find a delivery partner. Ensure that the latest version of Grab Food Merchant app is installed. Especially, if you are experiencing technical bugs, updating the app to the latest version may fix the majority of the issues. If you can’t or don’t know how to update the information – check helpdesk, reach out to Grab Customer Service and Customer Service will do its best to make the necessary updates as soon as possible.

Optimise your menu items for delivery business 

The delivery menu should try to be as similar to that of the restaurant. The portion size served at the restaurant should be similar to that served for delivery. However, few dishes may not last throughout the day. For such dishes should: Be altered or re-formulated to withstand delivery times and best solutions to pack those items should be applied; Or should be removed from the delivery menu.

Food photos and description should be updated and be representative of what customer will get delivered

Food photography has an impressive effect on restaurant publicity. Adding photos of the dishes to the GrabFood App can attract customers to order from your restaurant. It is recommended to follow few food photography guidelines to maximize the number of orders and customer satisfaction: Food photos should be: Clear, in focus, and delicious enough to encourage customers to order Food photos should not be: Plagiarized Blurry or unclear Photos of packed food items/packaging Photos of food under preparation Ensure that food photos and descriptions are representative of what a customer will be delivered with (eg. 2 pieces of food on the picture, but only 1 is delivered). Do not post fake listings, disturbing and disruptive pictures and prohibited content.

Decrease your cancellation rate

Please adjust your operational hours or go “offline” function if you have to close for holidays or for an emergency; If you cannot cope with orders, please put your store on “temp pause”; Please ensure that you mark items as unavailable after you run out of ingredients; Please prepare food right after you have accepted the orders, so eaters would not have to wait too long and hence would be less likely to cancel the orders.

Foreign Hazardous Contaminants

Conduct a visual check on the food to ensure that there are no foriegn contaminants; If foreign contaminants are found, please throw the food item away and provide a new batch of food; Examples of hazardous items include sharp metal objects (nails, razor blades, pins, staples) and pests (cockroaches, lizard, rat droppings); Consumption of foreign hazardous items may result in injury and hospitalisation.

Food items should be prepared “just-in-time” for delivery partner’s collection; Check the expiry date of pre-packed drinks or desserts to ensure that they have not expired; Conduct a visual and smell check on the food to ensure that the food is fresh; Spoilt food, if consumed, may cause life-threatening injuries or severe health issues. Examples include maggots, decomposing and rotting meat, producing a sourish smell. Regularly inspect the products quality from your suppliers and if one provide non fresh products, change the supplier as soon as possible. Please label your raw materials/ cooked food with the date of purchase/receipt and date of expiry.

Personal Hygiene
If you are feeling unwell, please do not prepare food in the kitchen or orders for delivery, to prevent the spread of illness to your customers. Do not touch exposed food items with bare hands. Please wear gloves. Wash your hands before and after touching raw food. Staff should wear hairnets and not wear jewellery that may fall into food. Should staff have cuts on their hands, they should wear brightly coloured plasters, in the event that the plasters fall off into food, staff are aware. Regular use of detergent and hand washing liquid and basin present to wash hands etc.

Food storage and refrigeration 
Place uncooked food neatly in the fridge in the following sequence from top to bottom shelves: Cooked food Raw vegetables Raw noodles Raw meat Observe that fridge is operating properly and has correct temperatures. Freezer: less than minus 12 degree celsius Fridge: less than 5 degree Celsius

Food preparation and packaging
Food packaging should not cause any leakage, spillage or the food to be cooled too quickly. otherwise, it will cause an increase of unsatisfied customers as well as angry delivery partners; Ensure that hot and cold food items are separated using dividers to avoid bacteria growth or cross-contamination; Adapt your packaging so it is resistant to the rainy weather; Ensure that all delivery boxes are sealed (with tape or stickers) to prevent tampering and to ensure the product hasn’t been opened on its way; Cooked and uncooked food should be on different surfaces.

Use the Official Grab Application.

Use only the official Grab application downloaded from the Google Play/ Apple Store. Do not keep applications or devices with the potential of modifying Grab’s intended user experience. This includes location spoofing applications, rooted/jailbroken devices and/or xposed frameworks. Do not complete a booking without picking up the pax or order. Always provide truthful information when creating and accessing your account, or disputing charges or fees. Use offers and promotions only as intended.

Do not cheat or defraud Grab and its customers.

Do not cheat or defraud Grab by any method, including creating duplicate accounts or by colluding with consumers/delivery partners to make fake orders, transactions, activities for unfair gains.

Keep Grab Updated of your legal status and operating licenses.
If you have been caught by government authorities for flouting laws or regulations or violation of food hygiene and safety standards, inform Grab.