Save more on your Grab rides


It takes as fast as 5 minutes!

*P5,000 until December 31, 2020 only. P2,500 from January 1, 2021 onwards.


Enjoy These Rewarding Benefits

Grab Platinum Tier Upgrade for the first 6 months

Enjoy prioritized booking on your Grab rides with dedicated platinum customer hotline.

Get upgraded within 15 business days from card approval.

50 GrabRewards points

Just complete the credit card application and receive 50 GrabRewards points.

Get it within 15 business days in your Grab app.

P5,000 GrabPay Credits*
(for new Citi Cardholders only)

Just spend at least P10,000 within 60 days from card receipt.

*P5,000 until February 28, 2021 only. P2,500 from January 1, 2021 onwards.

P2,000 worth of Grab Vouchers

Just cash-in P1,000 to your GrabPay wallet using your new Citi Grab card.

Vouchers split among GrabFood and GrabExpress will be credited to your Grab account within 15 business days from cashing in.

Up to 10x Citi Points for every P30 spend*

10x points on all Grab spend until June 30, 2021 capped at P10,000 spend per month.

3x points on dining, online subscriptions, and entertainment

Earn 1 Citi Point for every P30 spend.

Other Citi card benefits:

Citi World Privileges– Get deals & discounts locally and in 95 other countries

Citi Cash Advance– Be ready for emergencies and life’s little surprises by getting cash from a portion of your card’s credit limit

What Can I Do With My Citi Points?




Pay less for your Grab rides when you use your Citi Grab credit card

10 Citi points =


Minimum redemption of P100 OFF (1,000 Citi points) on amount charged to credit card

Reduce your credit card bill by converting your points

to cash-credits

10 Citi points =

P1 Cash-Credit

Minimum redemption of P1,000 (10,000 Citi points) on amount charged to credit card (in denominations of P1,000)

Convert to

GrabRewards points

2 Citi points =

1 GrabReward point

Use it to redeem anything in the GrabRewards catalogue


Apply in as Fast as 5 Minutes!

Do it from your phone or computer in an easy and paperless sign-up process. Membership for your first year is free!

Basic Requirements:

Valid TIN, SSS, GSIS, or UMID number and active landline/mobile number

Minimum income per year of P180,000 if with existing principal credit card and P250,000 if without

Age 21 or older

Documents required to apply

If you have another principal credit card

1 photo-bearing government-issued ID

If you have no principal credit card

1 photo-bearing government-issued ID
Proof of income

Latest one month pay slip, or

Latest income tax return (BIR2316) with a BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) stamp or with a signature of your employer’s authorized representative, or

Original and signed Certificate of Employment that includes your status as an employee, length of service and compensation

Bank statement of your Payroll Account showing your one month salary

Documents required to apply

For resident foreigners, Foreign Goverrnent-issued passport and Alien Certificate of Registration issued by the Bureau of Immigration are acceptable IDs for resident foreigners and must be submitted with any of the following proofs of local residency:

  • Immigrant Certificate of Residency (ICR)
  • ACR-I-Card with Visa status “Permanent”, otherwise, should be valid for more than 1 year.
  • Visa and Work Permit/Alien Employment Permit (AEP) with validity of more than 1 year.
  • Special Resident Investors Visa (SRIV)e.
  • Special Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV)f.
  • If employed with the Top 2000 companies, employment contract or letter from company HR printed on company letterhead with name, position and confirmation of term.

Terms and Condition

Click here to view full Citi Grab Card Terms and Conditions.


Membership for the first year is free and is P2,500 per year thereafter for the principal cardholder and P1,250 for the supplementary cardholder.
10 business days upon submission of all documents
7 to 10 business days upon application approval
  • For P2,500 GrabPay Credits: Please expect this to be credited to your Grab account within 15 business days upon spending at least P10,000 using your Citi Grab credit card. Note that only new Citi cardholders are eligible for this reward.
  • For P2,000 Grab Vouchers: Please expect this to be credited to your Grab account within 15 business days upon cashing-in P1,000 to your GrabPay wallet.
  • For 50 GrabRewards points: Please expect this to be credited to your Grab account within 15 business days upon finishing the Citi Grab credit card application.
  • For Grab platinum tier upgrade: Please expect your account to be upgraded within 15 business days upon card account approval.
  • Please note that if you have not yet completed the Full KYC process, and have topped up your wallet with more than P100,000 in a calendar year, you will have to complete the Full KYC process before receiving your P2,500 in GrabPay credits after your initial P10,000 spend on your card. The KYC process can be found in your Grab app under the “Payment” tab. 
  • Dining: restaurants, cafes
  • Entertainment: movie, concert, museum entrance tickets
  • Online subscriptions: monthly payment for streaming services
All Grab transactions charged to your Citi Grab card are eligible
You will be awarded a voucher for the P2,500 GrabPay Credits through your Grab app but you cannot redeem it unless you have activated your wallet. Tap on “balance” in the Grab app home screen, click on “confirm my identity,” and follow the process to activate your wallet. Voucher will expire within 90 days of receipt unless redeemed

Yes, but all points earned will be credited to the account of the principal cardholder