July 2021: Merchant App Updates

We’re starting the second half of the year with new upgrades on the Merchant App for you!

Check out these new features on your app now.

Curious to see what your customers really think about you?

Get the inside tea by tapping ‘Feedback’. It’s a great way to listen in on your customers and make data-driven decisions, to improve and dial up the love.

Quick & easy access on your home screen

Get into ‘Feedback’ on the app with just one tap​

Check out customer reviews and rating​

Know what your customers think about your products & service

Track your sales activities with ‘Insights’

A regular health check on your business is crucial for continuous growth. Get insights on your sales performance, order trends, customer breakdown, and more–to help you make informed business decisions.

Data-driven insights right at your fingertips

View your gross sales, that is your total sales transactions before any deductions.

Find out what your bestsellers are.

Find out how much customers usually spend at your store through their average order value.

Total GrabFood orders placed by customers.

Learn more about your customers, whether they are new, repeat or returning customers.

Discover a new GrabAcademy right at your fingertips!

We’ve given GrabAcademy a fresh upgrade for an overall improved experience inside your GrabMerchant app. Take advantage of this free learning platform of best practices for optimizing business and marketing strategies. Plus tutorials and tips on how to best use GrabMerchant tools to manage and grow your business.

 What’s New?

Improved discovery with easy navigation and filters

Learn at your own pace and continue unfinished tutorials easily

Assess your learning progress with quick quizzes after every lesson

Easily accessible for all user roles – from owners to staff