Let’s rewind back to GrabNEXT: Tap to Order

Rewind on what went down at our annual merchant conference, GrabNEXT: Tap to Order!

We’re breaking down all the important GrabNEXT info you shouldn’t miss out on! Toggle down on the topics below to see more details.

We answered all your burning questions 🔥

What really goes on in the minds (and stomachs) of consumers? How did COVID-19 change eating behaviors and the food delivery landscape as a whole? Are you missing out on opportunities in market?

We’ve got the answers right here for you, for FREE!

Here’s some trivia to get you curious ✨

  • Pinoys are sweet, sweet folks – They ordered 2.6✕ more cake on GrabFood in 2020 vs 2019.
  • Milk tea was a merienda favourite – 4 milk teas were ordered every minute during merienda or snack time.
  • Good looking food bring in more sales – Stores with food pictures showed as high as 3✕ growth in sales. Wow!

Download a copy of the 2021 Food Trends Report here! ⬇️

Take charge of your business with an Owner profile

Upgrade your GrabMerchant App account to an Owner profile and unlock these exciting features straight from the Home screen.

  • PromotionsOpt-in to various campaign packages to help you boost your discoverability in the aps
  • Ads – Create your own Search Ads or Banner Ads through the Ad Manager
  • Insights – Monitor your sales and keep track of consumer insights
  • Feedback – See what consumers have to say about your products and service
  • Academy – Engage in various learning activities such as trainings and webinars for you and your staff

Explore the wonders of GrabMerchant Portal

See the bigger picture with one portal for all your stores – a wide lens of your business performance, finances, accounting, and more.

  • Keep track of all your Grab transactions
    • Stay on top of your stores’ transactions, refunds, and bank transfers, all in one place.
  • Download customised transaction reports 
    • No MBR? No problem! Easily download comprehensive reports to help you keep track of your business growth.
  • Make smart business decisions with actionable insights
    • Optimize your business with insights into your sales, menu, customer behavior, marketing campaigns, and more.

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Run ads right at the palm of your hands 🖐️

Increase visibility and traffic to your business with just a few taps! Choose from 2 ad types that can support your sales goals.


  • Banner Ad
    • Get the highest visibility for your store with top placement on the GrabFood home screen.
  • Search Ad
    • Reach consumers looking for your food by bumping up your store in the search results.

Ads: Easy as 1-2-3

The Ad Manager is an easy and affordable way to attract consumers on GrabFood.


  • Build and launch your ad in 3 minutes 
    • Create attractive, professional ads using your store’s hero photo.
  • Pay only when customers visit your store 
    • Run your next ad within your budget.
  • Engage the right audience, at the right time
    • Choose which customers can see your ad. Then set dates for how long your ads will run.

Merchant Spotlight

Watch how GrabAds have helped these merchants bring their brand to the forefront, especially during the pandemic!

Hear how your fellow-merchants are getting the most out of the Grab platform.