Explore the wonders of GrabMerchant Portal

Welcome to the GrabMerchant portal!  🗺️

A simple yet powerful web platform for Grab merchant-partners that provides a wide lens of your business performance, finances, accounting, and more—across your stores.

Are you ready to explore? Let’s begin your GrabMerchant Portal journey now!

Manage all your stores in one place

Get a bird’s-eye-view on all your stores’ activities

Easily manage your transactions

View your latest transactions and even download customized reports

 Transform data into strategies

Improve your overall business process with key insights

Grow your business and scale your operations

Increase visibility on multiple marketing channels by joining campaign packages like GrabAds and more

Seamlessly edit and manage your menu

Make real-time edits on your menu categories, items and item availability

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Features that are built to support you!

Expand the sections below to learn more about the different GrabMerchant Portal tools to help you manage your business better.

Here are the different ways to login to the GrabMerchant Portal

Follow the instructions below to login to the portal and begin your journey!

With your GrabMerchant username/email address and password:

  1. Go to the GrabMerchant portal (merchant.grab.com).

  2. Enter your GrabMerchant username or email address and password.

With your mobile number and OTP (one-time password)

  1. Go to the GrabMerchant portal (merchant.grab.com).

  2. Type in your mobile number.

  3. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number.

  4. If your login is unsuccessful, you’ll be prompted to try again.

Can’t remember your login details? We’ve got you!

  1. Click ‘Forgot your password?’ or ‘Forgot your username?’.

  2. Enter your Grab-registered email address.

  3. Check your email for instructions to create a new password
    or username for your business owner or manager profile. 


Business thrive with data!

The best way to grow is by learning. Empower your team to grow and optimise your business with insights into your sales, menu, customer behaviour, marketing campaigns, and more.

All these insights are available for you to view and download on the GrabMerchant portal.


Overview of your business performance

View trends in sales, orders, and payments.

Operations insights

Learn about your store performance, peak hours, driver wait times, ratings, and more.

Menu insights

Improve your menu based on sales performance and item ratings.

Marketing insights on ads and promos

See if your ads and promos are effective, and where you can optimize.

View Transactions in real-time on GrabMerchant portal

No need to log into multiple portals or navigate multiple reports—you can manage and reconcile financial activities securely across multiple stores, all through the ‘Transactions’ tab on the GrabMerchant portal.

Easily download transactions

  1. Get a summarised view across all stores when you click on ‘Finance’ on the left side menu bar and go to the ‘Transactions’ tab.

  2. Download reports over the last 90 days or view the store’s finances by selecting your store and a date range.

  3. Choose to download a ‘Summary’ or ‘All transaction details’ of your transaction report on the portal.

  4. Your report will be generated and downloaded from the portal.

Track down every transfer made, and more!

Breeze into financial reconciliation on the GrabMerchant portal! Under ‘Transfers’ tab, you’ll see your GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabPay transfers in real-time across individual stores and all stores over the last 90 days.

Here’s how you can track your transfers on the portal

  1. Click on ‘Finance’ on the menu bar on the left and go to the ‘Transfers’ tab. You can view your GrabFood and GrabMart transfers across all stores or individual stores.

  2. Select any store or all stores and pick a date range within the last 90 days.

  3. View the original transaction linked to each transfer activity whenever there’s a refund.

  4. Choose to download a ‘Summary’ of your transactions or ‘All transaction details’.

Reconcile your finances easily with pre-generated reports

Get all the transaction reports and invoices you need on the GrabMerchant portal when you’re getting your finances sorted.

Access and download pre-generated reports

  1. Click on ‘Finance’ on the menu bar on the left and go to the ‘Reports’ tab. Here, you’ll see your Transaction Reports and Invoices.

  2. Navigate and download individual files over the past 90 days in Transaction Reports and Invoices.

  3. Your report will be generated and downloaded from the portal.

  4. You’ll also be notified via email when your GrabMerchant report is ready to be downloaded.