Environmentally -responsible

Whether it is reducing our waste, utilising resources more efficiently, or exploring cleaner mobility options, all of us have a part to play in taking care of our home.

Reducing plastic waste

Single-use plastic cutlery option is set to “opt-out” as a default in 6 countries – Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

This enables our customers to make more conscious choices and to reduce unnecessary wastage of single-use plastics.

Cleaner mobility options

We are making transportation and logistics more efficient. Launched in 2016 GrabShare, our car-pooling option, allows passengers to share their ride with others going the same way.

We also use AI-powered solutions to enable efficient grouping for our GrabFood orders. This enables the same driver to perform multiple pick-ups and drop-offs on the most efficient route.

We have also added electric vehicles (EV), hybrid vehicles, and e-scooters to our suite of transport choices in Singapore and Indonesia to offer more eco-friendly ways to travel.