for all

As technology moves forward, we believe no one should be left behind. We want to ensure everyone is able to benefit from the digital economy.

Helping small businesses succeed

From traditional merchants to start-ups, we help them grow their businesses cost-efficiently by providing education, tools, and access to millions of consumers through our platform. Tens of thousands of warungs in Indonesia, Jollijeeps in the Philippines, hawkers in Singapore, and street food vendors across the region have already benefited from this programme. 

Our goal is to help over 14 million microentrepreneurs accomplish this by 2025.

Improving digital access for the underserved

We want to empower more people in Southeast Asia to gain access – some for the first time – to technology, upskilling and digital services.Our aim is to improve digital access for 3 million Southeast Asians by 2025, offering them more choices and opportunities to better their quality of life.

In Singapore, we have digital clinics for seniors to learn the core functions of their smartphones and the Grab app. Our Grab volunteers will help them learn to use the app at their own pace in personalised one-on-one sessions.

Empowering those with disabilities

In 2018, Break the Silence programme was launched in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia to make our platform more accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing drivers, delivery-partners and merchants. They can now use the new practical tools and in-app capabilities to communicate effectively with our customers. In 2020, we aim to support more than 1,000 partners with physical disability, including wheelchair users, to be able to improve their livelihood through Grab’s platform.

Our community partners include the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD), Singapore Association of the Deaf (SAdeaf), National Association of Deaf Thailand (NADT), Gerkatin, Association of Indonesian Disabled Persons (PPDI) and the Deaf Development Programme Cambodia (DDP).