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Denovo Express Endeavours Corporation

Mga gulong o car batteries man ang hanap mo, discounted yan lahat para sa’yo!

Tire Size Brand Pattern/Type Grab Price Vehicles Applicable
175/65R14 Yokohama BluEarth ES32 ₱3,100 Altis, Vios, City
185/65R14 Yokohama BluEarth ES32 ₱3,450 Altis, Vios, Avanza
185/65R15 Yokohama BluEarth ES32 ₱3,700 Vios, City
205/65R15 Yokohama A300 ₱4,050 Innova
175/65R14 Firemax FM 316 ₱2,050 Altis, Vios, City
185/65R14 Firemax FM 318 ₱2,080 Altis, Vios, Avanza
185/60R14 Firemax FM 318 ₱2,520 Vios, City
205/65R15 Firemax FM 316 ₱2,800 Innova
  • With Free Tire Rotation
  • With Free Nitrogen Air Inflation
  • With Free Alignment
  • Promo is valid for cash and credit card payments
  • Any other services will be quoted upon request


Premium Batteries- MF


Size Model- Energizer Type Grab Price
NS40 (Small Post) 42B20L Regular ₱4,450
1SNF 46B24LS Regular ₱4,850
1SNF (Small Post) 46B24LS Small Post ₱4,850
NS60 55B24LS Regular ₱4,900
NS60 (Small Post) 55B24L Small Post ₱4,900
NS60 (Reverse) 55B24R Reverse ₱4,900
1SMF 55D23L Regular ₱5,550
2SMF 80D26L Regular ₱5,900
2SMF (Reverse) 80D26R Reverse ₱5,900
3SMF 95D31L Regular ₱6,650
3SMF (Reverse) 95D31R Reverse ₱6,650
3SMF (105D) High Power 105D31L High Power ₱6,650
185/65R14 Yokohama BluEarth ES32 ₱3200


Valid until April 2019
Open from: Monday- Saturday, 8:30AM- 5:00PM
Contact Person: Jane Sulit, 0927 607 4970, (02) 3531000 loc 2425
Address: 2139 M. Adriatico St., Malate, Manila