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C3 Management & Insurance Agency Inc.

Income Replacement exclusive for Grab

Special Coverage: Loss of Income Due to Accident


ANNUAL PREMIUM:  PHP5400 or Installment plan of PHP360/month for 10 months with down payment of PHP1800.

COVERAGE: Loss of Use due to Accident/ Life Insurance due to Accident (Named)   

SUM INSURED: Ps. 1,000 a day x 20 days/ Ps. 300,000.00 w/ Burial Expense @ Ps. 15,000.00


Should have an advance payment of PHP1800 before the policy is considered in effect. Balance can be paid equally within ten (10) months. Two (2) consecutively missed payments will result in forfeiture of the policy, and with it all payments that have been previously made.  

Payment of Premiums Can be Made on the Following Facilities

Thru Banks:  

ACCT. NAME:                              C3 Management and Insurance Agency Inc.
METROBANK ACCT. NO.:        3817-381506076
CHINABANK ACCT. NO.:         103-000001965
ACCT. NAME:                              Western Guaranty Corporation
BDO ACCT NO:                            000-570057809
BPI ACCT NO:                              0051-0276-39

Thru Other Payment Facilities:

ExpressPay (under nego) & True Money Transfer and GCash Merchant Number 5496.2700.1830.9806.

PROCEDURES – Loss of INCOME with PA for Ride Sharing

To avail of the special package and for verification purposes:

  1. Applicant will fill out this form
  2. Applicant will make the necessary payment;
  3. Applicant will scan or take picture of the following:

Application form

Deposit slip

Grab driver phone app and Driver’s License for Grab Drivers

OR/CR, Driver’s License and screenshot of Grab driver phone app for Grab Peers/Operator

  1. Applicant will send the pictures taken to
  2. Within 24 hours an email message will be sent to advice the Certificate Cover Number and policy number and an attached copy of Certificate of Cover and Official Receipt and claims procedure.
  3. A monthly message will be sent to the email given by the applicant to advice of the remaining balance that needs to be paid.
  4. The hard copy and the OR of the applicant can be sent to the given address provided a request is made.


Contact Person for any inquiries (Name and Phone #): 

Primary Contact Person

Contact Person: Mica Occeño
Email Address:
Facebook Page: @C3management
Cellphone No: (Globe) 0917 7721570
Direct Line: 4374091

Alternative Contact Person

Antonette Francisco
Email Address:
Cellphone No.: (Globe) 0927 7239099

Alan M. Taglucop
Email Address: /
Cellphone No.: (Globe) 0905 4128588, (Smart) 0921 3239777, (Sun) 0943 0579799

Direct Line: 697 3088 / 902 0941
Operation Center: Room 201 S Medalla Bldg. Gen. Mac Arhur Ave., Cor. Edsa Cubao, Quezon City