Terms & Conditions

  • All administration fee is included in the ticket fare paid to Grab.
  • Seat is only valid for the date and time as written on the e-ticket.
  • Passengers must be able to display their QR code e-ticket at point of boarding.
  • For privacy and security reasons Grab bookings are non-transferrable.
  • Grab will not be responsible for any loss of personal items.
  • Grab will not be responsible for delay caused by natural disaster, traffic, or riot.
  • Passenger who miss scheduled bus are not entitled to refund.
  • Grab is not held accountable for bus that are cancelled or delayed due to force majeure.
  • Passengers are entitled to a full ticket refund if the bus is cancelled due to force majeure. But passengers are not entitled to any other financial compensation from Grab.
  • If the bus is canceled due to mechanical failure and no other bus is available, passengers will be entitled a full refund.
  • Departure time, bus type, and bus route may change without prior notice due to operational reasons.
    Passengers are not allowed to carry items that may disturb the comfort of other passengers (e.g. items with strong odor, animals).
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry illegal objects, such as weapons (e.g. knife, swords), illegal drugs, and liquor.