Variable Booking Fee in Metro Manila starts June 13

This coming June 13, we are introducing Variable Booking Fee in Metro Manila.

For a minimal additional fee, experience less hassle in booking GrabTaxi wherever you are and whatever time you book.

Living in residential villages outside the city center? Passengers from the outskirts of the city will now have less difficulty in getting Grab bookings. This is because the driver is compensated for his gas expenses to go to the pick up point through the additional booking fee.

Having a hard time getting taxis during rush hour? It will now be easier for you because more drivers are now available and are ready to get bookings!

The booking fee is paid on top of the metered fare. The fees are not fixed because this will vary based on pick up/drop off location and time of booking. Note that this means the booking fee may be higher than the minimum P40 booking fee for Metro Manila.

What are the instances where the variable booking fee will be higher than minimum P40 booking fee?

  • Where demand is high
  • Bookings from the outskirts of the city
  • Bookings during rush hour

How much is the booking fee?
There is no fixed rate. “Variable” means this would depend on your pick-up/drop location and time of booking.

How do I know the booking fee?
This will be shown once you input your pick-up and drop off location in the Grab app. You will be able to see the additional fee before confirming your booking.

Does my driver know the booking fee?
He will be informed of the booking upon issuing you the E-receipt at the end of your trip. Your driver will be asking you for the booking fee together with your payment.

The driver is asking for an amount more than the indicated booking fee, what do I do?
For any discrepancies or complaints, you may get in touch with our customer service. You can message us through a direct message on our Facebook page or through the hotline +63 2 8837100.