At Grab, everyone’s journey matters and this year, we partnered with the Metro Manila Pride Organization to celebrate diversity and equality this Pride Month. As the official transport partner of this year’s Pride March, Grab is here to make sure you can participate without any worries for your ride and even your fare.


A Grab Guide to Riding with Pride


Share your love (and your ride) with GrabShare and GrabCar 6 Seater.

Joining the Pride March is more fun when you do it with like minded friends and colleagues. Book GrabCar 6 Seater to go to the march as one barkada. Better yet, you can book GrabShare. Meet people along the way and even save up to 30% versus normal GrabCar fares. 



Have a more affordable ride with an exclusive promo code

With promo code RISEUPTOGETHER you can get P50 off going to and coming from Marikina Sports Center. You may use this promo code either for GrabShare or for GrabCar 6 Seater. 


Split the fare with GrabPay Credits

Did you know that you can send GrabPay Credits to anyone with a Grab account? With our P2P feature, you can send Credits to anyone who plans to go the Pride march or even split the fare among yourselves. Remember, GrabPay users get double GrabRewards points! 

Pride among Grab employees/passengers

We talked to some Grab employees and passengers to get their perspectives on the essence of Pride, diversity, and inclusion. Here is what they have to say:


Jean Pierre, Grab Junior Art Director

“For Me pride is not only a celebration for the LGBT community, but also remembering the times that the community fought for our freedom. Pride is continuously fighting for our rights, to be loved and accepted.”


Rz, Grab Marketing Manager

“For me, pride means honesty and accepting yourself. Being out and proud can be very challenging, but once I was happy with my identity, it became easier to be open and find people who accepted me.

Pride also helped me learn to speak up and encourage understanding among people who are still learning about LGBTQIA+. The online community helped me so much by making me realize that I wasn’t alone, so now I want others to feel the same way.”


Allen, Grab Passenger

“Pride is the antidote to the shame gay people are taught to have. Living freely when straight society doesn’t want you to is one of our great struggles; we solved this by creating our own gay communities. Gay people today can be divided on many things (sex, politics, beauty pageants), but let’s remember that at the end of the day, we are all the same, and we rely each other, and that is how we #RiseUpTogether.”

We hope you all enjoy this year’s Pride March. To know more about the Metro Manila Pride event whether you’re a firstimer or supporter ever since, please click the link below to join:

Join the Metro Manila Pride 2018