GrabAssistant Now Available!

Overwhelmed by how busy your day is? No time to go out and buy something? GrabAssistant is here to help!


How to book a GrabAssistant


  1. Tap Delivery and select GrabAssistant
  2. In the Pick Up Point, input the shop where the driver will buy what you need
  3. In the Drop Off Point, select the area where the driver will deliver the goods
  4. Fill out additional details and book! Don’t forget to discuss the details with your driver through the in-app chat
  5. Wait for it to arrive!


GrabAssistant FAQs


  1. What is GrabAssistant? What is the difference between GrabAssistant, GrabExpress, and GrabFood?
    • GrabAssistant is a new service where customers can ask the riders to buy items (Pabili) or queue (Papila) in line for them.
  1. How much is the service?
    • Introductory pricing starts at P99, but may increase for longer distances. It is recommended for a customer to book the closest known establishment as the start point
  1. What are included in the total amount to be paid by the customer?
    • The price shown only covers the delivery fee for the rider’s time and effort.
    • Customers are expected to additionally shoulder other costs when relevant such as cost of the purchase, parking fees incurred, processing fees needed, etc.
  1. Where is GrabAssistant available?
    • GrabAssistant is available in Metro Manila, but may be more reliable in central business districts (e.g. Makati, BGC, or Ortigas)
  1. Can I schedule my oder?
    • No. Every GrabAssistant request will be processed immediately after a booking confirmation.
  1. What if I want to change my order? (cancel order, edit order, change pick-up and drop-off points)
    • You can change your order by contacting the rider. Changing pick-up and drop-off locations requires rebooking.
  1. What are the qualities (dimensions, price, etc.) of the item/s that I could ask to be bought?
    • The maximum total price should not exceed 1,000 PHP and the dimension should not exceed the standard GrabExpress dimension of 25x32x12cm.
  1. What if the item I asked is not available in the pick-up point?
    • You are highly encouraged to coordinate with your rider for possible substitutes or adjustments in your request.
  1. What if I cannot contact the GrabExpress rider? Or what if there are other problems with my transaction?
    • Contact hotline 8837100
  1. What are the payment methods available? Can I pay via Grabpay?
    • As of now, cash is the only form of payment available
  1. Can I book a pabili service but it will be delivered to someone else?
    • Yes, but please make sure that the booked destination is correct and that the third party will pay for the service
  1. Can I ask the rider to buy different items from different stores?
    • No. All items should come from one store only.
  1. What if I need the GrabExpress rider to return to me?
    • You should contact the rider immediately and agree on the conditions. The standard practice is to double the fare to compensate for the return trip.
  1. What if the rider bought the wrong item, size, or quantity or damaged/expired items?
    • The rider will be liable for it but if it is the customer’s fault, the customer will be liable for it.
  1. What if I am not at home to receive the items?
    • You can contact the rider and inform them the name and contact details of the receiver.
  1. How fast can I receive my order?
    • It depends on the rider, the distance, and other external factors. Always keep in contact with the rider!
  1. Is this available 24/7? At what hours can I book?
    • Yes, you can book anytime as long as the store is open. Most reliable coverage hours is from 9AM to 10PM.
  1. How can I track my order?
    • You can see the real-time location of the rider through the app.
  1. How do I contact my rider?
    • The contact number of your rider is available in the app. You may reach your rider through SMS, call, or GrabChat.
  1. The rider is asking me to pay for the parking. Should I pay for it?
    • We are kindly asking the customers to ease the burden of the riders by shouldering the parking fee.