Grab Responsibly

With the continuous growth of the Grab community, there will inevitably be an increase of the number of Grab users in our platform. Hence, to ensure that each passenger and driver’s experience will continue to remain pleasant, it is important to #GrabResponsibly.

#GrabResponsibly is a guide of tasks and traits to ensure that our passengers and partner-drivers continue to be responsible users of Grab’s services.

For Passengers


  1. Check that your Grab App details are updated. Ensure that your details, such as your name and email address, are accurate, current and complete, so the driver would be able to identify you once they arrive at your intended pick-up point.
    • Remember that only one (1) device can be registered on the platform/service.
  2. Make sure you choose the right service. If you have more than 4 riders (including children/infants) or many luggage pieces, opt for the 6-seater option or 2 separate rides if the 6-seater option is not available in your area. Note that overloading in a vehicle is punishable by law.
    • If you are booking through GrabShare, you can only bring one (1) friend. If you have two or more passengers riding with you (including children/infants), please book GrabCar instead. Note that an infant is considered as one (1) passenger.
  3. Make sure that any promo codes/ride rewards, payment methods, tags, notes to the drivers, etc. are correct before confirming the booking.
    • We discourage passengers to send bait messages to drivers either in the notes section or via the GrabChat, e.g. willing to pay X amount for the ride and similar messages.
  4. Seniors Citizens, PWDs, and Students (20%) discounts can only be availed if the promo code is entered when booking the ride and they are present in the ride. Passengers are expected to prepare their ID as the driver may ask for it before the ride. You can apply for a Senior Citizen promo code through the Grab app.
  5. Recheck your chosen payment method (cash or GrabPay) before booking the ride. This includes your GrabPay Credits. Passengers who don’t pay for their rides will incur penalties  such as suspension or permanent banning in case of multiple occurrences.
    • If you decide to pay in cash, always keep smaller bills and change, e.g. PHP 100, 50, 20, 10 with you to avoid making unnecessary stopovers at ATMs/banks
  6. Ensure that the Pick-Up and Drop-Off points are correct (including multi-stops), as there are instances wherein two or more locations have the same street name or building name. You can also check and manually pin your location on the map in the Grab App. Passengers may also use the Change Destination Mid-Trip feature on the app to avoid having drivers drive longer or farther than intended
    • Due to the strict policy on pick-up and drop-off points and for safety measures, if you live inside a village/subdivision, ensure that you pin your exact address and not just the subdivision’s gate unless you want to be dropped-off by the gate.
    • In case the exact address isn’t on the map, notify the driver about your exact pick-up/drop-off location in the notes section and please report this issue to Grab’s customer support.
  7. Notify the drivers if you’re bringing pets or items that can potentially damage the vehicle. In the event that you have any pets/cargo/wet goods/perishable items/malodorous items with you when booking your ride, let the driver know by calling or sending them a message on GrabChat.
    • Please help drivers keep vehicles clean for all riders by bringing a kennel, crate or blanket to reduce the risk of damage or mess.
    • Do not hide your pets and not tell the drivers about it.
    • Do not treat Grab services as your “lipat bahay” as this can potentially damage the vehicle.
  8. Notify the driver if the person who books the ride is not the passenger. For safety reasons, it is not recommended for you to book for another person/ask another person to book for you unless in an emergency situation. In case this occurs, notify the driver that the person who books is not the passenger by including the name of the actual passenger, their contact number, and the relation of the passenger to the booker (e.g. relative, friend, etc.) in the notes section of the booking. This will prevent confusion and ensure the safety of both passenger and driver.

Booking Confirmed (Drivers are on the way to pick-up point):

  1. Constantly keep in contact with your driver. Ensure that you keep in touch with your assigned driver via GrabChat once your booking has been confirmed, so they will be aware that you’re willing to continue the booking. Note that drivers may not answer their phones or reply to a text message while driving.
  2. Help your driver with the route. Contact your driver and help them out with the route that they can take especially if you’re familiar with the area, such as telling the driver which gate to enter if you are living in a large village/subdivision. If unfamiliar with the destination, please provide your driver any recognizable landmarks or signages that would help them locate you and notify your driver if your pick up location is in a one way street/narrow alley/strict loading unloading area/restricted area. GrabChat now allows you to send photos to allow easier communication between you and your driver.
    • If you live in a village/subdivision, warn the guards from the guardhouse that your Grab driver will be picking you up. This will shorten your waiting time.
    • Refrain from asking the driver to pick you up outside of your registered pick-up point, e.g. basement of the building instead of the lobby.
    • In the event that the driver arrives at the other side of the road of your pick-up point and will need to take a long detour to reach you, you are encouraged to be considerate of the situation and cross the road to alight the vehicle instead to shorten your waiting time (provided that crossing is allowed and safe).
  3. Be on time. Make sure that you are either in the pick-up point within 5 minutes (for GrabCar)/3 minutes (for GrabShare) or you are already in the area. Unreasonable waiting time will affect the driver’s earnings as this prevents them from accepting other bookings; hence, drivers are allowed to cancel the booking if they have waited for more than 5 minutes/3 minutes, especially if the passenger does not inform them of their own lateness. Repetitive occurrences of not showing up on time could lead to potential penalties such as suspensions and permanent banning
    • Refrain from making the drivers and/or fellow passengers (for GrabShare) wait for you, e.g. coming down the elevator only when the driver arrives and other similar acts, especially as there are places with a ‘no stopping/waiting’ zone
    • You are encouraged to apologize to the driver and/or fellow passenger if you arrive late; this can prevent any potential conflict.
  4. Refrain from frequently cancelling your booked rides. This also refers to multiple or frequent instances of not showing up upon the arrival of the vehicle. This is disruptive to the livelihoods of our drivers and the booking experience of other passengers.
    • In the instance that you pinned your address wrongly and cannot wait for the driver to arrive to pick you up, do not ask the driver to cancel your booking.
    • Note that if your total cancelled bookings exceed your total completed bookings, your Grab Account will be suspended (with prior notice). If you would like to reinstate your account, please contact Grab’s customer support and submit an appeal.

When the Driver Arrives:

  1. Check the Driver ID first to confirm their identity and the vehicle details. Only enter the vehicle if the details match those on your confirmation booking.
  2. Prepare at least one (1) valid ID should the driver ask for it for identification purposes.
  3. Be polite and courteous to your driver at all times. This includes greeting the driver and being mindful when opening or closing the vehicle’s door upon entering or alighting.
  4. Discuss which route to take with the driver. Keep in mind that you are responsible for any toll fees incurred during the trip and you should inform your driver if you know any alternate routes that you can take to avoid the toll gates.

In Transit:

  1. For your safety, please wear the seat belt. This applies to children as well.
  2. Do not breach traffic laws. Do not ask the driver to commit traffic violations such as speeding, driving against the traffic flow, or stopping at no waiting/parking areas.
  3. Treat your driver and fellow passengers with respect and courtesy. This includes:
    • Being mindful on how you speak to the driver, such as asking them to change the temperature/fan speed of the A/C, turning the light on (should this be a night trip), etc.
    • Not treating the vehicle as your personal property, such as putting your feet on the armrest of the car, playing with the door lock or window buttons, changing the radio channel or A/C settings by yourself, and other similar acts
    • Giving fellow riders and drivers some personal space. If you need to make a phone call, keep your voice down to avoid disturbing others.
    • Keeping the conversation casual and light-hearted. Refrain from steering the conversation into sensitive topics (ex. religious, sexual orientation, racial, credo, political, etc.), and withhold any unnecessary comments.
    • If you are sharing the ride with other GrabShare passengers, bear in mind that others may not want to engage in a conversation, so respect your differences. Likewise, do not argue with other passengers.
    • Continuous abusive behavior is not tolerated in the platform, and that this may result to suspensions or banning if repeated multiple times.
  4. Do not smoke or vape inside the vehicle as this is against the law.
  5. Don’t take detours. Do not take detours unless agreed upon with the driver beforehand, e.g. grocery shopping, picking someone else up, etc., and don’t ask the driver to change the destination of your ride.
  6. Inform the driver immediately should you opt for an early drop off and kindly take note that this is your discretion and not applicable for any refunds.
  7. Do not insult, intimidate, harass, threaten, abuse, and/or assault the driver or fellow passengers. This includes the use of violence and racist, sexual, offensive, derogatory remarks and similar types of languages, etc.
  8. Any form of sexual acts (consensual and non-consensual) is forbidden. This includes flirting with the driver or fellow passengers, public displays of affection, or sexual intercourse while inside the vehicle. In addition, any form of sexual offenses, such as unwanted physical contact, making lewd comments/texts, sexual harassment, and other similar acts to both drivers and fellow riders is strictly forbidden. These are criminal offences under the law and can result in prosecution to the fullest extent. Grab will not tolerate such behaviour and will assist the police with their investigation.
  9. Calm and clear communication is the most effective way to defuse any disagreement that may arise. In the event of the situation getting out of hand, never take matters into your own hands or escalate the tension (i.e. harass or make threats whether the ride is ongoing or has ended). Always choose to report the case to Grab as soon as possible.
  10. In case of any emergency, contact the relevant authorities immediately. Passengers can automatically call 911 using the app. You can also set three (3) emergency contacts and the app will send SMS alerts for you.

Upon Drop-Off:

  1. Do not alight beyond the registered drop-off point. Avoid asking the driver to drop you off beyond the registered drop off point unless agreed upon, e.g. no stopping/parking zones, insisting that the driver to drop you off inside the parking space/basement of the building instead of the lobby, etc.
  2. Ensure that your intended drop off location is in line with traffic regulations such as loading/unloading zones and please do not force the driver to violate any regulations.
  3. You are not obligated to offer your driver a gratuity in cash. If you decide you would like to tip, your driver is welcome to accept.
  4. Check your belongings before alighting the vehicle. This includes bringing your trash with you and cleaning after yourself. Littering or leaving trash behind is considered as a damage to the property.
    • In the event you lost an item, contact Grab’s customer support, and inform them about the issue, i.e. describe the lost item, provide your ride details, and the best way to contact you. You may also opt to report your lost item on the Help Center on the Grab app.
    • In case you urgently need to retrieve the lost item, you will need to shoulder any incremental fees of the return, e.g. GrabCar fare to bring your item from point X to Y.
    • Please note that neither Grab nor drivers are responsible for the items left in a vehicle after the trip ends. We’re here to help, but cannot guarantee that a driver has your item or can immediately deliver it to you.

Post Booking:

  1. Remember to rate your ride after the trip. Develop the habit of rating and giving feedback after your trip, as ratings allow us to ensure a great experience for both riders and drivers. We take ratings very seriously; drivers with low ratings may lose access to the Grab app.
    • Certain issues (fare amount, app issues, inconvenient pool matches, etc.) are not your driver’s fault, so when they are selected as the reasons for a low rating, the trip will not count toward your driver’s overall rating.
    • Note: A driver’s rating is an average of their overall completed trips. They’ll never see the specific rating you give.
    • If you are having trouble choosing a rating for your driver, here are a few tips:
      • Most riders provide a 5-Star rating unless there was a specific issue with the trip
      • If we see a 1-Star rating, it typically means that there is a serious problem with a driver
  2. Avoid making a mess and/or damaging the vehicle. In the event that the driver agrees to have pets/drunk passenger(s)/food/malodorous/messy items/cargo onboard which led to a mess/damage in the vehicle, please report the incident to our Customer Experience Team via the Help Centre link on the Grab App as any cleaning fees incurred during the ride are shouldered by the passenger.
  3. Do not contact your driver directly using their phone number to make personal or extra booking arrangements.
  4. Do not post the driver’s personal information online. Do not share sensitive information (Name/Photo/Plate Number/Phone Number) in any social media accounts either in a private or public page(s) without express consent of the affected parties. This can potentially compromise the person’s safety and privacy; thus, it is punishable by law.
  5. Report any issues directly to Grab. For any issue/concerns, report them directly to appropriate Grab channels by calling the Grab hotline (883-7100) or reporting the incident via the Help Centre link in the Grab App. Grab will then review the situation and provide necessary actions/penalty decisions based on the situation.

Possible reasons for a passenger to lose access on their GRAB application

  • Fraud
    • Abuse of Grab App and Promo Codes: Using several profile in GRAB App under one IMEI and abuse to promo codes would constitute to permanent suspension in using the app.
    • Contacting Driver after the Booking: Do not contact the driver after drop off to make personal or extra booking arrangements. Unsolicited text and/or call to driver are not allowed. Passenger can only contact driver immediately after the booking if they left something inside the vehicle. Any other concern shall be addressed to our contact center (883-7100)
  • Unpaid Fares
    • Passengers who didn’t pay the booking: This includes passengers who deliberately neglected to give cash payment to the driver, fooled the driver that they have paid through GrabPay, or passengers who forgot to pay the fare right after the trip and refuse to settle the balance afterwards
    • Incorrect Payment: This includes passengers who pay drivers less than the amount that was calculated at the app and insisting that drivers pay the toll fees
    • Didn’t Pay LGP (Load to GrabPay): This includes deliberately neglecting to pay for the top-up that passengers requested from the driver.
  • Behavioral Issues
    • Rude behavior towards the driver and/or other passengers
    • Physical/Sexual/Verbal Abuse/Harassment: Passenger must not initiate any action that can physically hurt or sexually intimidate drivers and fellow passenger(s). Verbal abuse and using of inappropriate language and/or gestures, for example (sexual comments during a ride or on the comment part of the app., being disrespectful and/or discriminating a driver and/or fellow passenger(s). Doing such will constitute to permanent suspension in using our app.
  • Damage to Property
    • Any damages on drivers’ or other passengers’ property: Examples of damage to property include but are not limited to: damaging the car (intentional or accidental spilling of food or drink, littering, bringing a pet without the consent of the driver, smoking inside the car, vomiting) and breaking a phone. A corresponding charge will be imposed to passenger, depending on the damage incurred during the booking.
  • Using the App (Car/Taxi) other than transporting a passenger: Booking a Grab car/taxi service and using it in transporting goods other than a passenger is upon the discretion of the driver (e.q. making use of the service as a “Lipat Bahay” and/or booking with excessive packages that can potentially damage the vehicle). Driver has the right to cancel this kind of booking. Bringing of pets is ONLY allowed if the driver agreed on it and if the animal is properly handled (pets should be inside a cage), any property damage caused by unattended pets during the ride will be shouldered by the passenger.
  • Breach of Laws
    • Breach of Local Laws and/or Traffic rules: Asking the driver to break local laws, for example forcing the driver to park/drop-off in “no-parking” areas, over speeding, bringing illegal drugs inside the vehicle. This also includes smoking and vaping inside the vehicle. Doing such will cause permanent suspension from the app.
    • Privacy Breach: Posting of Social media post that contains driver personal information (name, contact info, plate number, picture, etc.) is against Data Privacy Act of 2012. Act such as this is punishable by law and driver has the right to file legal complaints. GRAB will deactivate passengers account that is related to the post.
    • Smoking/Vaping: Smoking and/or vaping inside enclosed public places including public vehicles and other means of transport is prohibited by law.
  • Frequent Cancellations
    • Total cancelled bookings exceed total completed bookings: Passengers who frequently cancels their booked rides are disrupting the livelihoods of our drivers and the booking experience of other passengers. Therefore, passengers with a higher number of cancelled bookings relative to their completed bookings will have their Grab Account suspended. These types of cancellations also refer to multiple or frequent instances of not showing up upon the arrival of the vehicle.
  • For Monitoring
    • Wrong Pin Location: Please be reminded that the driver will pick passengers up and drop them off at their pinned location only. To avoid inconvenience, passengers can utilise the ‘map’ button the upper right of the screen to manually pin their desired location.
    • Overloading (Sedan, Premium or 6-seaters): Overloading is a violation of the Government’s policies and traffic rules and regulations, please be aware of that. Instances like these depends on the driver’s discretion, and that that there are penalties for overloading (even if the passengers are kids and/or infants).
    • Multi-stops: Passengers are allowed to add an additional stop with their GrabCar booking. However, insisting that drivers to take detours during your ride, e.g. going to the grocery, picking up a friend, etc., without prior agreement is not allowed as it disrupts the livelihood of the drivers.

Reported incident is subject for investigation and temporary suspension of the app will be implemented. In any instance that the passenger is not cooperating with the investigation, GRAB reserves the right to permanently suspend the passenger in using the app. Any incidents involving physical/sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, transport of illegal substance, any illegal activities as defined by local law and repeated offense would mean immediate and permanent suspension in using GRAB app.

For Drivers


  1. Keep your vehicle clean and up-to-date. Ensure that your vehicle is kept tidy and in good condition, in accordance to the local regulations for any traffic safety standards
  2. Keep yourself neat and clean, and always wear a proper attire. Always keep yourself neat, hygienic, properly and decently attired, e.g. do not wear sleeveless or non-collared shirt, slippers or sandals, shorts or ripped jeans
  3. Be professional. Remember that you are the image of Grab. Exhibit professionalism, good mannerisms, and communicate to your passengers politely


  1. Always wear your seatbelt
  2. Always display the TNVS stickers provided by LTFRB if available
  3. Always make sure that both your Driver’s License, your Registration, and your Grab ID is present and kept in plain view
  4. Always adhere to traffic rules and regulations. Keep up-to-date with the rules and regulations, i.e. ensuring that the your driver’s license and car license plates are still valid, abide by the color coding, etc.
  5. Ensure that you have sufficient top-up credits (at least 200 PHP), and have prepared enough change should the situation arises.
  6. Ensure that you don’t have anyone else with you in the vehicle, i.e. relatives, friends, and strangers, etc. Insisting that the passenger share a ride with another person without their consent will lead to the suspension of your account.
  7. Do not allow another driver to drive the car that is under your/another driver’s Grab account (for both Peers and Drivers).
  8. Treat all passengers equally. Accept and provide the best Grab service/experience to all passengers, regardless of their race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age, or any other characteristics protected under the law

Booking Accepted (on the way to pick up point)

  1. Keep in constant contact with the passenger. Once the booking is accepted, call the passenger to confirm the booking. This can prevent any miscommunication that can lead to cancellations. You can also utilise GrabChat when communicating with passengers
  2. Be on time for pick up. If you will arrive late at the pick-up point, notify the passenger immediately via call or text. You are also encouraged to apologise to the passenger if you arrive late to prevent any potential conflict.
  3. Refrain from cancelling a booking. In the event that you need to cancel the booking, inform the passenger immediately and do not ask passengers to cancel instead. This includes:
    • Asking passengers to cancel real bookings that you intend to continue
    • Making passengers wait and cancel a booking that you don’t intend to continue
    • Cancellations are only tolerated in the event of an emergency or when passengers arrive later than the stipulated 5 minutes (for GrabCar)/3 minutes (for GrabShare) waiting time. Penalties will be imposed on drivers with a cancellation rate of 5% and above.
    • For more details on driver cancellations, click here. 
  4. It is strictly forbidden for you to accept a booking and complete the job but not pick-up the passenger without a valid reason. This is considered as fraud and will result to the banning of your account.
  5. Ensure that you press the “I’ve Arrived” button only when you reach the pick-up point to inform the passenger that you have arrived.

Upon Arriving (upon picking up the passenger)

  1. Text or call the passenger using GrabChat if you are near or have arrived at the pick-up spot.
  2. Allow 5 minutes (for GrabCar) or 3 minutes (for GrabShare) of waiting time after you press the “I’ve Arrived” button for the passenger to arrive at the pick-up point. If the passenger still hasn’t arrived after 5 minutes/3 minutes, it is at your discretion whether to continue waiting for the passenger to arrive or to cancel the booking.
  3. Be friendly. Greet the passenger and don’t forget to smile. An example greeting is:
    • Tagalog: “Magandang umaga/hapon/gabi po, sir/ma’am. Kayo po ba si (pangalan), papunta sa (lugar)?”
    • English: “Good morning/afternoon/evening, sir/ma’am. Are you (name), going to (place)?”
  4. Confirm your passenger’s identity by checking your Grab Driver App, and if possible, check one (1) valid  ID
  5. Try to provide extra assistance to passengers. Although not an obligation, you are encouraged to go the extra mile in assisting passengers who need help, such as helping the disabled passengers enter and alight the car, assisting in carrying heavy objects/luggage, etc. Do not ask for any tips for these extra services.
  6. Passengers are allowed to bring other riders as long as there is no overloading in the vehicle. Passengers are entitled to bring other friends, colleagues, family members with them during their journey, as long as there is enough space within the driver’s vehicle, e.g. a sedan has a maximum of 5 seaters including a driver. For GrabShare, a passenger can only bring one other passenger.
    • No additional fee should be charged by the driver for this service.
  7. Reiterate to the passenger that there is a mandatory extra booking fee (only for GrabTaxi)
  8. Clarify the route to take with the passenger. Before the ride, clarify with the passenger on which route to take to avoid confusion and conflict. If you believe that your proposed route is the more reasonable choice, handle it properly by patiently explaining your reasons to the passenger and avoid any conflicts.

In transit

  1. Always be careful and drive safely. These include but are not limited to:
    • Strictly adhering to traffic regulations and keeping your vehicle running under the speed limit.
    • Refraining from driving recklessly and/or aggressively.
    • Don’t drive while distracted, i.e. calling, texting, playing games, and similar acts
    • Don’t drive dangerously, i.e. sleeping, eating, using illegal substances, and similar acts while driving
    • Don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol
  2. Treat all passengers with respect and courtesy at all times. Do not be rude or rough towards a passenger, and avoid violence and aggressive behaviour at all times.
    • If the passenger have unreasonable requests, be honest and patiently explain to them why you cannot fulfil the requests
    • When in a disagreement with a passenger, calm and clear communication should be used to diffuse any disagreement
    • In the event of the situation getting out of hand, never take matters into your own hands or escalate the tension, i.e. harass or make threats whether the ride is ongoing or has ended. Always choose to report the case to Grab as soon as possible.
  3. Respect everyone’s privacy and personal space. It is encouraged that you be mindful of the users’ privacy and personal space. Bear in mind that passengers may not want to engage in a conversation, so respect differences and withhold any unnecessary comments.
    • If applicable, keep the two-way radio conversations at a minimum.
  4. Keep the conversation casual and light mannered, should the passenger choose to converse with you, especially when there are other passengers aboard
    • Be mindful of your behaviour. Don’t swear, complain or rant to the passenger(s), especially when you’re stuck in traffic
    • Refrain from steering the conversation into sensitive topics (ex. religious, sexual orientation, racial, credo, political, etc.)
  5. Be accommodating. Ensure that your vehicle’s temperature is at a comfortable level and allow passengers to choose their preferred settings for the radio and the A/C
  6. Avoid taking a longer or unreasonable route without explaining to or seeking the consent of the passenger. This includes making any unnecessary stops, such as filling in gas, taking restroom breaks, and similar any acts.
  7. Always honor multi-stop rides(if applicable), and do not drop off the passenger at a non-designated location without a valid reason and consent of the passenger. This includes cancelling a ride in progress or requesting a passenger to leave the vehicle before you reach the destination.
  8. You are strictly forbidden from making any sexual advances, including unwanted physical contact, making lewd comments/texts, sexual harassment, unlawful restraint, drugging, molestation and rape. These are criminal offences punishable under the law.
  9. Do not insult, intimidate, harass, threaten, abuse, and/or assault passengers. This includes both physical and verbal violence, such as racist, sexual, offensive, derogatory remarks and similar types of languages, etc.
  10. Do not cause hurt or injury to a passenger through carelessness or intentional behavior (e.g. jamming breaks, driving off before the passenger disembarks properly, etc.)
  11. Sending inappropriate or unnecessary texts, messages and/or calls to a passenger before, during, and after the ride is strictly not allowed. This includes swearing, sexual harassment, commenting on appearance, asking overly personal questions, etc.

Upon Drop off

  1. Remind passengers to double check their belongings before they leave the vehicle and to rate their experience at the end of the ride. An example of a goodbye message is:
    • Tagalog: “Salamat po! I-check niyo po muna yung kotse na wala na kayong gamit na naiwan, at tsaka huwag niyo pong kalimutan i-rate yung ride experience niyo. Ingat!”
    • English: “Thank you for riding with Grab! Please double check that you have all your belongings before you leave and car, and remember to rate your Grab experience. Take care!”
  2. In the event your passenger leaves behind their belongings (including cash) in your vehicle, you are required to:
    • Notify Grab immediately upon discovery; and
    • Return the same belongings back to the passenger concerned or drop the said property directly to the Grab office
    • Note that if you are found to have retained possession of the passenger’s property, your account is subject for banning.
  3. Always follow the fare as calculated by the Grab application. Do not overcharge the customer or negotiate the fare. These include but are not limited to:
    • Demanding or requesting for a tip
    • Charging extra for long distance trips, passengers asking for assistance when carrying heavy items, and other similar situations
    • Collecting cash in GrabPay transactions
  4. Honor the passenger promo codes during payment. This includes Senior Citizens, PWDs, and Students (20%) discounts.
  5. Senior Citizens, PWDs, and Students discounts can only be availed as long as the promo code is in place and the ID holder is present during the trip.
  6. Always issue the correct change to the passenger.
  7. Report any mess or damage to the vehicle directly to Grab. In the event that the driver agrees to allow passengers to have pets/drunk passenger(s)/malodorous/messy items/cargo onboard which resulted in a damage or mess to the property, please remind passengers to report the incident to our Customer Experience Team via the Help Centre link in the Grab App as passengers will shoulder any cleaning fees incurred. Drivers are also encouraged to report this incident to Grab’s Customer Experience Team to inform themselves on the proper steps to follow.

Post Booking

  1. Do not post the passenger’s personal information online. Do not post the passengers’ information (Name/Phone Number/Email Address/Picture and/or Videos/Booking Details) in any social media accounts either in a private or public page(s) that can potentially compromise passengers’ safety and privacy. This is punishable by law.
  2. Ensure that you are achieving Grab’s standard on performance levels, such as a high Acceptance Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Star Ratings in order to continue receiving bookings and benefits in the platform.
  3. Do not contact your passengers directly using their phone number to make personal or extra booking arrangements.