Move It with Grab Nandito Na! 🛵

What is Move It with Grab?

It’s a partnership with Move It and Grab Philippines that aims to increase service availability by enabling Grab users to book MOVE IT motorcycle taxi services through the  MOVE IT Tile which will be available on the Grab platform. 

This partnership will also help enhance the safety and hygiene standards in the motorcycle taxi service – adopting the GrabProtect standards tailored for motorcycle taxi hailing

Both companies will also work together to help support the goals of the motorcycle taxi pilot by providing the TWG and LTFRB with the relevant statistics and insights on motorcycle taxi safety –  to aid Congress in motorcycle  taxi legislation.

What are the Requirements to Book Move It with Grab?

Make sure to have everything prepared in order to book a Move It ride.

Helmet. All passengers are required to use their own helmet. Move It riders will not be providing a helmet if you do not have one.

  • To purchase helmets, click on the GrabFood Tile
  • Search “Move It with Grab
  • Order helmets at Php 565  each

*Free Move It with Grab branded helmet decals for the first 500 helmet purchase.*

Face Mask. All passengers are required to wear their face mask at all times.

How Do I Book Move It with Grab?

What are the Payment Options Available for my Move It Ride?

Move It with Grab rides will only be accepting cashless payments. You may pay for your rides with credit/debit card & GrabPay Credits.

What are the Service Areas and Operating Hours of Move It with Grab

The Move It with Grab service is currently available Mondays to Sundays between 5 AM to 10 PM within the Greater Metro Manila area.

Move It with Grab service areas are in Green

Move It with Grab is Safer with GrabProtect

Protective shields. Worn by our driver-partners to help prevent the spread of virus.

Helmet and Face Mask. Our driver-partners are wearing their standard protective helmets and face masks.

Reflective Jacket or Vest. Our driver-partners are wearing high-visibility clothing as an additional protection and to be more visible to other riders esp at night time.

Safe Hands. Our driver-partners clean their hands with alcohol-based sanitizers before and after rides.

Disinfectant Kit. Provided to driver-partners as part of our safety and hygiene protocol to ensure regular disinfection.

Wallet Friendly. Affordable transport option where fare starts at Php 50.

“Alala-Free.” Same standard of GrabProtect safety & hygiene standards.

Hyper Convenient. Helmet on-demand, cashless, rewards, and available in the same Grab app for all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A COVID-19 test result of proof of vaccination is not required . However, for your safety as well as that of our driver-partners, we encourage you to continue to adhere to safety protocols, such as always wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands frequently.

  1. Do not book a ride if you are pregnant.
  2. Do no wear slippers. Wearing of closed shoes are ideal.
  3. Do not use your phone while riding.
  4. Wear your own helmet with a full face visor and your face mask.
  5. Do  not book a ride if you are drunk and sleepy. 

As per current motorcycle taxi operational guidelines, only cashless payment methods are available on this service, either via GrabPay or credit / debit card. . For those passengers who currently do not have cashless payment methods, Cash In With Driver will be available on this service.

Learn more about Cash In With Driver here:

According to IATF guidelines on the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot resumption, all passengers must provide their own helmets. For your safety, riders may cancel your booking should you not have a helmet available.

For safety and contact tracing concerns,  bookings should be made by the account holder only.

Some short and heavy passengers may not be able to comfortably be supported by our motorcycles. If you have difficulty reaching the motorcycle’s pedal pegs, we recommend taking a GrabCar for safety purposes.

Due to safety reasons, we only allow 1 passenger at a time and children are not allowed. Please book a GrabCar instead if you have more than one passenger.

 No, you are not allowed to change your destination mid-trip.

Due to safety concerns, we do not encourage passengers to book a Move It ride when it is raining. We encourage you to book a GrabCar instead.

Yes. The insurance will cover the moment a passenger boards the motorcycle until the driver drops off the passenger. Learn more here about passenger insurance coverage.

For your safety as well as the safety of our riders, luggage or heavy items are not permitted. We encourage you to book a GrabCar instead.

Move It fares are based  and are exclusive of toll charges. Toll charges should be shouldered by the passenger,  and can be paid to your rider.

While there is no booking cancellation fee, we encourage you to minimize your cancellations out of respect for our rider partners. After excessive cancellations, your account may be temporarily suspended for 24 hours.

During the early launch of Move It with Grab, it is only limited to specific cities. Rest assured that we are continuously adding service areas to provide a wider and better service for you.