GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club

Hey Madiskarteng Boss!


Did you know that as a member of the Madiskarteng Boss Club, you are eligible to earn rebates of up to P250 weekly? All you have to do is deliver via GrabExpress to unlock these exclusive rewards for you!


How do I qualify for the Madiskarteng Boss Weekly Rebates?


You can find the instructions for your weekly rebates by simply clicking the Challenges Tile or the Madiskarteng Boss Club Rebates Widget on the homepage of your Grab App:


How do these challenges work?

  1. There are three (3) levels of challenges each week with their respective number of deliveries targets.
  2. A single delivery on GrabExpress allows you to progress through all three (3) levels of the challenges simultaneously. 
  3. When you accomplish a specific level, you are then rewarded the assigned rebate amount for that level. 
    1. Every level you accomplish adds to the total rebates you can accumulate for the week.

How and when do I receive my rebates after accomplishing my challenges?


  1. Your rewarded rebates will automatically be added to your GrabPay wallet in the form of GrabPay Credits (GPC).
  2. You can use your accumulated GPC for future GrabExpress deliveries. You can also use your GPC to avail of our other services like GrabCar, GrabFood, and more!


As a member of the Madiskarteng Boss Club, GrabExpress becomes your business partner. Get 24/7 access to our reliable fleet of GrabExpress riders, deliver your parcels within the same day for as low as P59, and unlock exclusive rewards like weekly rebates to help you grow your business faster and reach new heights!