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GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club is an exclusive rewards and loyalty program for online entrepreneurs that gives them access to discounts, rebates, loans, placements, and learning opportunities. 

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Madiskarteng Boss 20

Meet this year’s Madiskarteng Boss 20 – a diverse group of Filipino entrepreneurs that have successfully grown their businesses by skillfully harnessing innovative digital tools.

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GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Talks

Our first ever meet held last February 29 at Vagabond, Greenhills with our pioneer members!

GrabExpress FAQs

GrabExpress is a same-day delivery solution that matches users & riders for their delivery needs. By booking on our app, you can send items such as documents, parcels, and gifts to your customers,  business partners, or loved ones with real-time tracking and notifications right from where you are. 

  • GrabExpress Instant – Bike | A premium delivery service that offers on-demand door-to-door deliveries within 1 hour.
  • GrabExpress Instant – Bike (Bagged) | This is an exclusive Madiskarteng Boss Club service offering bagged on-demand door-to-door deliveries within 1 hour.
  • GrabExpress Instant – Multi Stop Delivery | This service allows consumers to add multiple drop-off points when making a delivery booking and arrange the delivery sequence. This provides the possibility for sellers to have multiple parcels picked up from one location in one shot, and getting them delivered to different locations, all with one order.
  • GrabExpress Same Day | An affordable on demand delivery service on which the system can batch orders depending on close-by destinations or similar routes together on a given buffer time. It is assigned to the same driver and achieves higher efficiency to lower down the delivery cost.
  • GrabExpress Pabili | A concierge service that allows consumers to ask Riders to buy items or essentials for them. Items to be bought has a limit of up to a maximum of ₱2,000 for each transaction.
  • GrabExpress Instant – Car (Beta) | A new service from Grab that uses cars to accommodate bigger parcels to be delivered to your door steps. Max 300kg. 

Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Pampanga. 

GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club FAQs

GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club is a rewards and loyalty program exclusive to online sellers that aims to help online sellers grow their businesses with Grab.

  • Weekly Rebates up to P500
  • Exclusive promos and rewards
  • Chance to get featured on the Grab App
  • Exclusive products like COD and Bagged Fleet
  • Exclusive Event Invites
  •  Access to Puhunan Loans (to be rolled out)

GrabExpress COD FAQs

This is an exclusive COD service for Madiskarteng Boss Club Members. When you use this service, the rider will collect the payment from your buyer upon delivery. We will then remit the payment to your chosen bank account. 

On the recipient page, toggle on the Cash on Delivery field and input COD amount (maximum of P5,000.00). Select the GrabExpress Instant COD service and confirm booking. Money will be transferred to you bank account within 1 working day. 

The GrabExpress COD service is exclusively for Madiskarteng Boss Club members only. MBC sellers should have done atleast 10 GrabExpress bookings since January 1, 2020.

Get exclusive access to the GrabExpress Cash-on-Delivery service for your online business! Sign up here to learn more: We’ll reach out to you for more updates on the service and your application!

Should there be no errors with the bank account details sent, you may avail the service after 4-5 working days since sign-up.

Currently, every booking will be charged 1% of the COD value for the COD fee. This amount will be deducted from your expected remittance value.

No, you can only choose 1 bank account to accept your remittances from your COD bookings.

Each COD booking has a maximum COD amount of PhP 5,000.

Yes, GrabExpress’ insurance for cash items such as the COD amount covers to up to PhP 5,000 per booking.

The GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club team will notify you via text on how much is remitted to your bank account and for what specific booking codes.

Remittances will be transferred to your bank account the 1 working day after your COD booking was made.

There may be delays with the remittances due to technical issues from your receiving bank. Should this happen, you will be notified immediately by the GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club team.

It is important to double check your booking details especially the COD value before proceeding with the delivery. If the COD value inputted is wrong, you may cancel the delivery and book another one with the correct details.

Sellers who deliberately input the wrong COD value may be removed from using the service and from joining the Madiskarteng Boss Club.

As part of our service standards, GrabExpress riders are expected to maintain honesty and professionalism in every booking. Riders are trained to only collect the amount required. 

If the rider collected more than what they should please reach out to our help center at:

GrabExpress will impose the following should a seller input the wrong COD amount.

1st instance: Heavy Warning via SMS

2nd Instance: 3 days banned from using GrabExpress and your MBC account will be removed from using the COD service

Cooldown Period: 60 days

After the cooldown period, seller may reapply for COD again. However, should a seller be removed from using COD thrice, they cannot use the COD service anymore.

The COD amount will be transferred to your identified bank account 1 working day after your booking was made.If you booked anytime between Fridays-Sundays, please expect your payment to be remitted on the next working day (Monday, if it is not a Holiday). Holidays are not considered working days.Note: The amount to be remitted to you will be deducted the COD fee.COD Fee = 1% of the COD amount per booking