Go Cashless with Grab!


Cashless with Grab!

Enjoying GrabPay, the perfect solution to a smooth and convenient commute in the metro. That’s right, another option for Grab passengers to pay for everyday GrabCar rides.

Grab Now Made Easier.

With Grab going cashless, customers now have the freedom to fully experience comfy and hassle-free rides! Use credit or debit cards when booking a GrabCar going to the office, school, mall and everywhere else you want to go in the Metro.

How to Register for GrabPay

  1. Search for Grab on the App Store or Google Play and download for FREE! Register and activate your account in minutes!
  2. Open the Grab app and click on the Menu bar at the top left corner of your screen
  3. Click on the Payment Methods tab for Android or the GrabPay tab for iPhone, and select “+Add New Debit/ Credit Card.
  4. Fill up the form with your debit or credit card information and verify the details
  5. When Grabbing, select the card option before confirming your booking.
  6. You will see a pop-up message at the end of your ride that notifies you of the charges made on your card.