BACOLOD: Ka-Grab Rewards is Back! 🚗🎁

Grab sees how you work hard every day to provide the best service to the passengers and we want you to know that we care about you as our partner-driver. As a way of saying thank you, we are launching Ka-Grab Rewards.

What is Ka-Grab Rewards?

This is a rewards program open to all GrabCar drivers starting March 4, 2019.

With this program, you’ll get fare rebates, lower effective commission rate, GrabCare Package, life insurance, fuel discounts, and more!

In Ka-Grab Rewards, you have a chance to get qualified in the following tiers:

  • GOLD

The HIGHER the tier, you’ll get more SAVINGS plus more REWARDS!

What can you get in Ka-Grab Rewards? 

With Ka-Grab Rewards, you can practically earn more by taking home more of your fares because of  rebates and lower effective commission!


Lower Effective Commission Rate through Rebates


How do you qualify for Ka-Grab Rewards?

To qualify in any of the three Ka-Grab Rewards tiers, here are the criteria that you must remember:

      • Monthly Rides 🚗
        Your tier is based on your Rides performance the past 3 months.
      • Completion Rate ✔️
        Your tier is based on the Completion Rate of your performance the past 3 months.
      • Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
        This is based on your Star Rating on the first day of the month.Here are some tips to get a high Star Rating:
        • Respect the passengers.
        • Drive carefully and make sure to follow traffic rules.
        • Maintain car cleanliness.
        • Offer passenger assistance when needed.
          Don’t worry:  Your Star Rating won’t be affected if the passenger forgot to rate the trip.

      Each tier contains different set of targets that you must hit to qualify. Remember that the criteria mentioned will be based on your performance for the past 3 months.




      Important Notes:

      1. Ka-Grab Rewards tier refreshes every month. For example, your tier in March might be different when April comes.  It will depend on your performance in the past three (3) months.
      2. For Silver and Member tiers, you may still reach the higher tier in the next month. As mentioned, the Ka-Grab Rewards tier refreshes monthly; which means that each month, you have the chance to maintain your current tier or reach a higher tier to be eligible to more rewards.
      3. Your rewards are based on your current tier.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How do I claim my rewards?

      Click this link to find out how to claim your rewards.

      2. How do I calculate Completion Rate?

      Watch this video to know more on how to compute this.

      3. Where can I see my completion rate?

      Open your Grab Driver app and click MORE>INCENTIVES>STU COMPLETION RATE.

    • 4. How do I know my Ka-Grab Rewards tier?We will send this monthly through:
      -Push notification and app inbox message on your Grab Driver app
      -Passbook5. How many drivers  can get the rewards?All drivers who meet the criteria of a specific tier will get all the rewards available to that tier.6. Where do I apply to qualify?You don’t need to apply to qualify in this program. Grab will automatically send you monthly updates on your Grab  driver app and passbook should you meet the targets of a specific Ka-Grab Rewards tier.7. What will happen if my Completion Rate falls below the minimum requirement to be a Member?According to our Supplement Terms of Use, multiple breaches of the stated minimum completion rate standards will subject user to different kinds of penalties, including ineligibility to the rewards program. Click here to read more about our STU.