Layunin natin sa Grab na mapanatiling ligtas ang ating platform hindi lamang para sa inyong riders, pati narin sa ating mga partner-merchants, at higit sa lahat – para sa ating mga eaters.

Mahalaga ang pagpapatupad ng Supplement Terms of Use o STU upang marating ang layunin na ito.

Alamin ang GrabFood 2-Wheels STU:

Prohibited Activities Remittance Penalty Minimum Deactivation Period
Misbehaviour, maltreatment of passengers, not following proper booking/cancellation procedures, and other similar violations
100% (forfeited)
3 days
High driver/passenger cancellations, reckless driving, severe cases of misbehaviour, repeat of minor offenses, and other similar violations 5-7 days
Theft, fraud, legal offenses, not complying with legal or regulatory requirements, and other similar violations 30 days – permanent
A. Booking & Cancellation – bookings, pick-ups, drop-offs, and cancellations 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense

Rider falls below the completion rate target of 50%

*completion rate is the number of orders completed over all the bookings that the rider recieves

Warning 3 Days Suspension w/ Retraining 7 Days Suspension w/ Retraining
A2 Fraudulent or improper completion of bookings (e.g. completing the bookings that were never delivered both intentionally or accidentally) 3 Days Suspension w/ Retraining 7 Days Suspension w/ Retraining BAN
A3 Forcing customer to go down to receive the ordered food even if the customer refuses to do so. 3 Days Suspension w/ Retraining 7 Days Suspension w/ Retraining BAN
B. Fare Payment – fare payment, receipts, & promos
B1 Invalid amount collection and negotiations (e.g. asking for cash for a non-cash bookings, refusing promos especially, soliciting tips, asking customers to pay for parking and incorrectly editing the final fare) 5-day suspension BAN
B2 Paying the merchant less than the declared value in the Grab app (unless value declared in the Grab app is incorrectly higher) Re-training 3 Days Suspension w/ Retraining 7 Days Suspension w/ Retraining
C. Gaming & Other Frauds – gaming, fraud, and cheating
C1 Sharing accounts and license with other drivers BAN
C2 Conspiring with eaters, merchants, or riders in engaging in gaming, committing other fraud, or manipulating the Grab system BAN
C3 Generating false bookings and other acts exploiting the application, fares, incentive schemes and the like on their own and/or conspiring with passengers, drivers, peers or Grab employees. BAN
C4 Delivering food from merchants/restaurants from branches not on the job card (e.g. claiming food from a different branch) Forfeit of Incentives Remittance (Following week upon discovery of fraud)
D. Customer and Merchant Experience – during the booking, affecting their Grab experience 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense
Not wearing complete, presentable rider attire to ensure rider safety and compliance with regulations:
1. A helmet
2. An insulated delivery bag (Ex. GrabFood sling, GrabExpress or GrabFood delivery bag)
3. Long sleeves or jacket
4. Closed shoes
Some merchants may look to identify GrabFood riders in their store through branded gear.
1-Day Suspension
7-day suspension
1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
D2 Improper food handling which includes but is not limited to leaving the food out of the delivery bag too long, unclean delivery bag (stains, spillage and dirt should be wiped off or washed regularly), unclean hands or fingernails and the like. 1-day suspension 7-day suspension BAN
D3 Not treating the property, staff, other customers of the merchants, and the merchant’s properties properly which includes but is not limited to:
1. Cutting lines
2. Abuse of in-store promotions
3. Improper attire
4. Rudeness towards store staff
5. Abuse of PWD/Senior Citizen discounts
6. Loitering around store premises
Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the GF/Merchant team reserves the right to action where deemed appropriate.
1-day suspension 7-day suspension BAN
E. Rider- Misconduct; Compromised safety/security, theft, harassment, & physical harm to customer, employees, merchants and fellow riders
E1 Misrepresentation, harassment and/or threats (may be in a form of verbal, written or physical actions towards passenger, driver, peer, merchants, their staff, Grab or its employees) BAN and blacklisting of all parties involved
E2 Posting of passengers’ information (Name/Phone Number/Email Address/Picture and/or Videos/Booking Details) in any social media accounts either in a private or public page(s) that can potentially compromise passengers’ safety and privacy. BAN and blacklisting of all parties involved
E3 Being below the prescribed star ratings threshold ( e.g. 4.5 star rating or whatever is prescribed by the Grab team) 2-day suspension 5-day suspension BAN
E4 Multiple one-star ratings ( e.g. 1.5 – 3% of rides with one star in a four week period) Warning 2-day suspension 5-day suspension
E5 Selling or lending Grab branded gear (helmets, jackets, long sleeves) to another person BAN
w/ zeroed out earnings for the current week
F. Safety & Legal Compliance – rider account usage, safety, and legal compliance
F1 Using the motorbike to transport passengers or other goods other than official orders from GrabFood App (this covers cases when driver is using Grab gear outside of the platform) 5-day suspension BAN
F2 Possession, use and/or driving under the influence of prohibited drugs and alcohol BAN and blacklisting of all parties involved
F3 Driving with incomplete driver and vehicle documents (i.e. OR/CR, valid Professional License, Insurance) Warning 5-day suspension BAN
F4 Unauthorized possession of dangerous weapons (e.g. knife, gun, pipe, spray, ice-peak, etc) BAN and blacklisting of all parties involved
F5 Minor offenses involving licensing or police authorities, such as minor car accidents involving light injuries or damages < P40,000 (preventive suspension during investigation) 3 Days suspension w/ Retraining BAN
F6 Severe offenses involving licensing or police authorities, such as criminal cases, major accidents involving severe injuries or death, damages amounting > P40,000 BAN and blacklisting of all parties involved
F7 Failure to request prior consent from Grab (in compliance with Third Party Interactions in the T&C) before participating in promotions of third party providers, advertisers or sponsors showing their goods and/or services through while providing any Grab service. Warning Suspension Permanent Deactivation