Book a GrabRela in Cagayan de Oro!

Rela, short for motorela, is Cagayan de Oro’s version of the iconic Philippine tricycle and has become a unique attraction in the city as well.

Considered as one of the most common modes of transportation even within the city center, Kagay-anon Grabbers can now experience getting a motorela with the use of their smartphones!

From September 22-24, people taking the Divisoria route can book and ride GrabRela for FREE!

Here’s the full mechanics:
1. Open the Grab app
2. Select the GrabRela icon, located beside the GrabTaxi icon.
3. Book from 9AM-12NN and/or 4PM-6PM when you’re around Ayala Centrio Mall
4. Input “CENTRIO MALL”  as Pick-up and Drop-off locations (Reminder: Make sure you’re within the area & that pick-up and drop-off locations are the same to make your booking valid)
5. Wait for the confirmation that you have a driver already.
6. Contact your driver to easily locate your rela
7. Enjoy your free GrabRela ride!

*First 20 Grabbers get an exclusive promo code while all participants will be given exclusive Grab freebies!


More Information:

a. Which route/area does the GrabRela will cover?

  •  Centrio Mall (Corrales Entrance)
  •  Divisoria
  •  Agora Market
  •  Cogon (Shell Station)
  •  Capistrano, Luna, Tiano, Osmeña, Burgos Streets
  •  XU Corrales
  •  Macasandig

b. Do I have to wait until the GrabRela gets full?

  •  No need to wait. Once the Grab app has found you a driver already, contact the driver or we will contact you to help you locate your GrabRela. The GrabRela can leave once you’re onboard.

c. What if I were with other people, do they still have to book through the Grab app?

  • You can bring your loved ones or friends with you when booking a GrabRela. They don’t have to book and/or pay too anymore. They can ride a separate GrabRela as long as they book through the app as well. 

d. How many people can fit in one rela?

  • 6-8 people can fit in one GrabRela.

e. Do I have to pay anything?

  • Nope, the GrabRela ride is on us! Make sure you’re around the area when booking through the Grab app and have placed “Centrio Mall” as the pick-up and drop-off points.


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Grab Away!