Towards a better peak hour driving experience

We’re making improvements to help you earn more during peak hours

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Driving during rush hour can be frustrating, especially in busy areas. Traffic make pick-up and journey times longer. Passengers cancel more often. Even with higher peak fares collected, driver-partners might still end up with lower earnings.

Effective 12PM (noon), 26 November 2018

To help you earn even more in peak hours, Grab will be rolling out TWO key changes in Klang Valley. These changes will also apply during other hours for better rides overall.

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Upfront fares will now be calculated based on system estimated distance and estimated trip time based on past traffic conditions.


In the past, a 10KM trip that takes 20 minutes to complete earns you the same fare as a 10KM trip that takes 40 minutes to complete. With this change, driver-partners driving in peak hours will earn more for their time.  


The revised fare structure for JustGrab GrabTaxi in Klang Valley is as below:

Average fares will remain the same. For most trips, you will see the exact same fare as before or just a minor increase or decrease. However, the following types of trips will have more noticeable changes:

  1. Higher fares during peak hours and in busy areas to reflect longer driving time on the road.
  2. Lower fares for trips that take faster to complete. These trips are usually longer-distance trips on highways. Nevertheless, your earnings per minute on these trips will remain higher than on shorter trips.

The upfront fare will remain fixed even if traffic is better or heavier than usual. While this is not perfect, it is a significant improvement from today. We will continue to improve on this so that your experience on Grab will keep getting better.

We understand that it is frustrating for driver-partners when a passenger doesn’t show up or cancels at the last minute. We have been working on your feedback, and are committed to protect you from this negative experience.


You will receive RM3 compensation for GrabTaxi and RM4 compensation for GrabCar (6 Seater) when our system has detected that you are on the way to or have arrived at the pick-up location and any of the following scenarios happens:

  1. “Passenger No Show” when you arrive at pick-up point (after the applicable waiting time) OR
  2. Late cancellation by passenger (more than 5 minutes from time of booking)

The compensation amounts are as follows and will be paid out to your cash wallet after every cancelled booking. Please do not collect from passengers.

Important notes: 

  1. This feature is not applicable for advanced bookings.
  2. Back-to-back jobs are not eligible for late cancels compensation.
  3. This feature is applicable for ALL driver-partners.
  4. We will not compensate those who did not make any real effort to go to the pick-up location. We will also take strict action against attempts to unfairly exploit this compensation, so that we can continue to uphold this feature for the large majority of our driver-partner community who are genuine.
  5. For the same reason, cancellation compensation will be removed for any driver-partner who has been detected abusing the cancellation reasons (e.g. to avoid impact to CR), or making passengers cancel.


Do let us know if you are qualified for the compensation but did not receive compensation after checking your job history and the weekly Partner Statement.

Click here to write in via Help Centre.