Supplement Terms of Use

As a driver that uses the Grab application, you agree to comply fully with this Supplement Terms of Use).


(a) You shall comply with all traffic laws, regulations, rules, policies and guidelines as well as this Code and any further guidelines that may be issued by the Company from time to time.
(b) You are prohibited from taking part in any illegal demonstrations against the Company, being a member of an unregistered association, incite other drivers not to use the Grab application, boycott or threaten to boycott the Grab application or any other acts that may be construed to be against the interest of the Company.
(c) You agree not to be involved in any activity that may impair or degrade the reputation of the Company and/or causes disruption to the Company’s operation or conspire with other drivers or ay third party with the intention to commit the aforesaid acts.
(d) We are doing our best to bring you more jobs. Hence, we need your support for our PROMO CODE jobs. Please honor all PROMO CODE jobs upon receiving the confirmation sms. In the event you are not sure, please check with our customer service team for clarifications.
(e) You are strictly prohibited against committing any acts with the intention to cheat or defraud the Company whether or not via any ‘Promo Code’ which may cause the Company to suffer losses.
(f) The Company maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding all infringements and can result in suspension or termination of user access to the Grab platform.


(a) You shall provide a safe transportation to all passengers. The safety of passengers and drivers on the GrabTaxi platform is of utmost concern.
(b) The Company does not tolerate any consumption of drug or alcohol by drivers while using the Grab app. This is against the law and a serious violation of the Company’s safety policy. Furthermore, illegal substances and open containers of alcohol are not permitted in drivers’ vehicles. If a passenger believes a driver maybe under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she has the right to end the trip immediately and alert
(c) You are prohibited from having or keeping weapons of any kind or description in your vehicle or on your person for any reason whatsoever.
(d) The Company takes a serious view on reckless driving which endangers passengers and/or other road users and this includes:-
– driving against the direction
– fails to comply with speed limit
– fails to conform with traffic light
– using your mobile phone without any hands free kit while driving
– fails to use the indicator signal prior to changing or turning into a junction
– breaches any other traffic laws
(e) You are responsible to maintain your vehicle in a good operating condition, in accordance to the industry safety standards. Drivers should also undergo regular physical health checks as mandated or recommended by local regulations or as and when directed by the Company.
(f) You shall always be properly and decently attired and exhibit good mannerism as well as communicate to your passengers politely.
(g) You are prohibited from driving without any valid license, insurance policy and/or business licenses or permits required to provide transportation for hire.
(h) We recommend that you always remind passenger to wear a seatbelt (or helmet as the case may be) while riding in your vehicle.
(i) Avoid violence and aggressive behaviour at all times. With safety and security as its key pillar, the Company does not condone any form of violence or aggression. Drivers must not exhibit aggressive behavior, including getting into verbal disputes with passengers, using vulgarity or insinuation or making threats or physical blows with the passenger. In the event of the situation getting out of hand, never take matters into your own hands or escalate the tension (i.e. harass or make threats whether the ride is ongoing or has ended). Always choose to report the case to the Company as soon as possible. We aim to serve all parties impartially and will take such actions as appropriate.
(j) You are strictly forbidden from committing any form of sexual offence, including making lewd comments/ texts, sexual harassment, unwanted physical contact, unlawful restraint, drugging, molestation and rape. These are criminal offences under the law and a serious violation of the Company’s safety policy. Offenders will be prosecuted against the law.
(k) Bear in mind that harassment differs according to societal and personal norms – commenting on appearance, asking overly personal questions and infringing into personal space are generally deemed inappropriate. We urge you to be mindful of other users’ privacy and personal space. Texting your passengers outside of professional grounds is both a form of harassment and a breach to his or her entitlement to personal security and data protection.
(l) As a professional driver, you are encouraged to provide assistance to handicapped passengers especially when entering or alighting your vehicle.
(m) You shall accede to reasonable requests from your passengers such as lowering the air-conditioning or radio volume.
(n) With regards to visually impaired passengers who are accompanied by their guide dogs, you are encourageed to accept such bookings if it doesn’t offend the tenets of your religion.
(o) Knowledge of traffic conditions such as road constructions, major accidents or outdoor events which may delay a trip is deemed an advantage in your work and you are encouraged to always be alert to such developments.
(p) In the event your passenger leaves behind his/her belongings (including cash) in your vehicle, you are required to return the same to the passenger urgently or through the Company’s Customer Service.
(q) Honour a booking that you bid for. This is very important in building passenger confidence and encourages more passengers to use our platform. More passengers means more jobs for drivers as a whole.
(r) Do not transfer a job to other drivers. If you are unable to pick up a passenger due to an emergency, please call the passenger immediately before cancelling the booking. You are strongly encouraged not to cancel jobs except in an emergency (e.g. car breakdown)
(s) Wait for your passenger to arrive at the pick up point. Driving off without waiting for them provides a very negative experience for your customer. Please call your passenger after waiting for 5 minutes to confirm if they still require a car. Please inform the passenger and our Customer Service if you are unable to wait further.
(t) Do not accept jobs when you have another passenger on board as this will increase the waiting time for the next passenger.
(u) You shall not refuse to provide services based on a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under law. This type of behavior can result in termination of user access to the Grab platform. It is disrespectful to make derogatory or discriminatory remarks about a person or group whether or not the passenger belongs to the group.
(v) Do not set your own fares (e.g. charge per trip) as this may be considered as overcharging. Collect the correct fare according to the meter plus other charges as set by your respective companies, or the platform.
(w) Do not solicit passengers to make personal or extra booking arrangements. This goes against our principle of assigning the nearest vehicle to the passenger. You are also depriving your passenger from getting a vehicle in the most efficient way.
(x) Do not recommend other booking apps to your passengers. This practice is annoying and unprofessional to passengers.
(y) Passengers do appreciate honesty on the part of drivers. Hence, you shall provide your service that is based on this principle and acts of cheating such as failing to give or giving less balance than what a passenger or taking a longer route than necessary (unless there is a valid reason for it or specifically requested by the passenger) is prohibited.
(z) You are strictly prohibited from contacting your passenger through any channel or platforms unless it is for work purposes.
(aa) Press ‘Drop Off’ / ‘End Job’ only AFTER the passenger has alighted from your car.


(a) Relay emergency information to the Company promptly. We want to help in all matters.
(b) If at any time you feel that you are faced with a situation that requires immediate emergency attention, please call the emergency service number in your area. Once all parties are safe and the situation has been handled by the authorities, please then notify the Company. We will assist and take appropriate action as needed, including cooperating with law enforcement.
(c) You are required to refer to the Standard Operating Procedure on Emergency for further information.


(a) Be open to feedback and further training. We are committed to continual improvement to service standards.
(b) We implement a two-way passenger and driver feedback system, as well as mystery passenger audit system. We also enforce continual evaluation of a driver’s suitability and performance, and feedback accordingly. In most cases, we aim to work together with the driver via feedback sessions, training events, workshops and audits etc. Results from these efforts depend on receptivity of the driver.
(c) You are required to attend the training sessions that are arranged by the Company or its agents unless you you an emergency or due to other unavoidable reasons. In such situations, replacement sessions may be arranged at a later date.

In relation to the background checks, you shall NOT under any circumstances contact or apply to Land Public Transport Commission (“SPAD”) or Police Di-Raja Malaysia (“PDRM”) or any other enforcement and regulatory authority for any letter of good conduct, letter of support or any other clearance letter to that effect. Should Grab be made aware of such application from SPAD or PDRM or any other enforcement or regulatory authority, Grab reserves the right to immediately reject your application without considering the merits therein for you to be on Grab’s platform.

Grab reserves the sole discretion, without the need to provide any reason or cause, on whether to allow you to be part of Grab’s platform or to use the Grab App, and you agree not to contest, publicize and or claim any damages, loss of profit or any economic loss, whether direct or otherwise, arising from the rejection of your application. You further agree and understand that there is a standard operating procedure involved in ensuring that only eligible applicants are to be allowed onto the Grab platform. Grab practices equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion of all races, religion and gender without showing any preference to any applicant during the course of their application.

In the event that you shall fail in your background check or where you are deemed by Grab for any reason whatsoever to be unsuitable to be or to continue to be on its platform, Grab shall be at liberty and shall have the right to terminate, suspend and or ban you, notwithstanding you have started driving on its platform. Grab’s decision shall be final and binding and you further agree not to question, contest and or appeal against Grab’s decision.
Subject to the foregoing, provided your application has been approved by Grab, you shall use the Grab App solely for legitimate bookings and adhere to the Driver Terms of Use as listed in

By acknowledging, I declare that: I am in full understanding of all clauses stated in the above Driver’s Code of Conduct. I will be solely responsible for any and all liability, which results or is alleged as a result of the operation of my motor vehicle/passenger vehicle and/or taxi/passenger delivery service, including, but not limited to personal injuries, death and property damages. I also stand culpable for damages sustained by the Company if I am found to have contravened any of the clauses in the Driver’s Code of Conduct. I understand and agree that the Company has the right to take such appropriate actions against me, including suspending or terminating my access to the Grab application in the event I breach any of the clauses of this Driver’s Code of Conduct (dated 23 July 2015). I am also reminded to regularly review the “Terms and Conditions For Drivers” as stated on

Background Check Authorization

I hereby authorize GrabCar Sdn Bhd (Company No. 1089444V) and its designated agents and representatives to conduct a review of my background necessary for the purpose of verifying my undertaking herein. I understand that the scope of the verification may include, but is not limited to, the following areas: names, work experience, criminal history records, wants and warrants records, motor vehicle records, license verification, credit history and any sanction lists. I certify that all information provided above and on my application form attached herein is correct to the best of my knowledge. Any false statements provided in this form and my resume will be considered as a just cause for the termination of my agreement with GrabCar Sdn Bhd at any time without reasons. This authorization and consent shall be valid in any manner of which I have executed it.

I hereby authorize the complete release of these records or data pertaining to me which an individual, company, firm, corporation, or public agency may have. I further authorize the full release of the information described above, without any reservation. It is confidential and will not be used for any other purposes other than for verification when checking records. I hereby release GrabCar Sdn Bhd. (Company No. 1089444V) and its agents, officials, representatives, or assigned agencies, including officers, employees, or related personnel both individually and collectively, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind, which may at any time, result to me, my heirs, family or associates because of compliance with this authorization for use of my information.


I declare that I have read and completed this application myself. The information given here is true to the best of my knowledge and I have not wilfully suppressed any material fact. I understand that any offer is conditional until the verification of any or all of the information. Any false declaration, misleading or false information or the omission of a material fact and may render my application invalid or termination of existing access.
I further declare that I shall be liable if I have knowingly or recklessly made a false statement or omitted any relevant information, resulting in damages directly or indirectly sustained by Grab.
I understand that Grab may share this information with other agencies (never individuals) if necessary for prevention of crime or disorder, or for purposes provided under applicable privacy laws. I authorise the verification checks to be made about me including criminal convictions and the results of these checks to be communicated to the company. I understand that all information will be kept confidential by Grab.
I agree that I will be responsible for any goods and services tax that may be chargeable on the commission that is levied by Grab and this amount shall be deducted from the fares I receive. I agree to pay the commission from fares received via pre-payment at a rate that be decided by Grab from time to time.
I agree to comply with such guidelines as may be issued by the Company from time to time.
I undertake to inform Grab within 14 days if I am charged with, or convicted of, any new criminal offence; receive a police caution; am disqualified from driving; made the subject of a mental health or sexual offences order; or if my medical status changes in any way that would affect my driving.
I confirm I have read and understood the declarations above, including the permissions contained therein.