Team up, compete & win Piala Grab!

Grand prize worth more than RM17,900 to be won

This year, we’re excited to introduce Piala Grab, the official competition for our partner community! For its first ever edition, we’re calling driver-partners & delivery-partners to team up and battle your way to the top in PUBG Mobile, a free-to-play mobile game.

From 26 October till 31 October , put your skills and teamwork to the test! Pit against other players to conquer the battlefield in our first ever online PUBG Mobile Competition for the chance to win the grand prize worth more than RM17,900!

If you’re not a PUBG Mobile player, we still have something for you – watch the Grand Finals on our Rakan Grab Groups (driver-partner / delivery-partner) and you might just win mystery prize bundles worth up to RM428.

To join, you need to assemble a team. Take note of the following:

  • A team needs to have 4 members (appoint 1 Team Captain)
  • Team members must be registered driver-partners & delivery-partners
  • Teams are encouraged to have a 5th member as a substitute (optional)
  • Don’t have team members? Don’t worry! We’ll help you form one by putting you in a team with other driver-partners/delivery-partners or even our Grab staff
  • If you’re new to PUBG Mobile, download the game first from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • By registering in Piala Grab, you agree to allow us to temporarily deactivate your account 30 minutes before your team’s tournament begins. It will be reactivated once the tournament ends. Read more about it in the FAQ section.

To register, click the button below. For the Rules and Regulations of the competition, click here.

Important note: You will receive a confirmation message if your team registration is successful. A briefing will be arranged to help you prepare.

Be the top 5 teams to receive the following prizes:

We’re also giving away mystery prize bundles to those who tune in for the Grand Finals so make sure you don’t miss it!

It’s simple: defeat other teams and accumulate the highest points! Piala Grab will be divided into 2 stages which will run for 6 days.

1) Group Stage

There will be 8 tournaments in this stage and each tournament will have 3 matches. The top 2 teams from each tournament  (total of 16 teams) with the highest scores will proceed to the Grand Finals Stage.

2) Grand Finals Stage

Top 16 teams will battle it out in one final tournament and 5 teams with the highest scores in 3 matches will be crowned the winners!

Bonus Prize Category: One player from each tournament (including the Grand Finals) that scores the highest kills will be awarded the “Top Predator” title and win prizes! 

Do I need to pay to participate in Piala Grab?

No, it’s completely free to participate in Piala Grab! However, do register soon before all the spots are filled up.

I don’t play PUBG Mobile. Can I still participate in Piala Grab?

Yes! Whether you’ve played PUBG Mobile before or just want to give a try, we encourage everyone to participate in Piala Grab!

However, you will need to form a team of 4 members to join the competition. If you don’t have team members, we’ll help you form a team.

Who is eligible to join the Piala Grab?

Piala Grab is open to all active driver-partners & delivery-partners in Malaysia! As this is an online competition, driver-partner & delivery-partner across the country can participate.

How long will the competition run?

Piala Grab will run for 6 days, from 26 October till 31 October.

If I participate in Piala Grab, do I have to play on all 6 days?

No, you will only need to play on one day during the Group Stage which will run for 5 days from 26 October till 30 October. Do stay tuned to find out which Group Tournament you will be participating in.

If you are one of the top 16 teams, you will also compete in the Grand Finals on 31 October.

Will I be able to accept jobs while competing in Piala Grab?

Please note that your account will be temporarily deactivated 30 minutes before your team’s tournament begins. Don’t worry, it will be reactivated once it’s over. This is to safeguard your safety and ensure that players don’t compete during a delivery/ride.

Example: You’re competing in a Group Stage tournament on 26 October that runs from 9am-11am. Your account will be deactivated at 8:30am and will be reactivated at 11am on the same day.

I don’t have team members/ don’t have enough members. What should I do?

Don’t worry, if you don’t have team members, you can still join the competition! Just fill up the form and we will help you find your team members!

Can I switch to another team during the competition?

No, each player can only play for ONE team throughout the competition.

Aside from a team, what else do I need to participate in Piala Grab?

Yes, we advise that participants have a stable internet connection for this competition. Don’t forget to charge your phone and make sure you stop somewhere safe if you’re on the road!

How will the points be calculated for this competition?

To know how the points are calculated and for other game-specific questions, please refer to our Rules and Regulations here.

How will the prizes be given to the winners?

Winners will be contacted personally with information on the prize collection. 

My team has a 5th member as a substitute. What happens if my team qualifies to the Grand Finals and the substitute has to replace one of the players? Will prizes be given to all 5 of us?

Prizes are only allocated for a team of 4 players. If your team has a substitute, we leave it up to your discretion to split the prize accordingly between 5 players.

I want to watch the Grand Finals. How do I do that?

The final tournament will be live streamed on our Rakan Grab Facebook groups . If you haven’t joined yet, request to join now so that you can tune in!

  • Driver-partner: Click here
  • Delivery-partner: Click here

We’re giving away mystery prize bundles to lucky viewers so make sure you tune in and stay tuned until the end.