Our commitment to a better driver-partner experience

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Over the past five years, Grab has grown tremendously. We now serve 1 in 10 Malaysians every month, with 95% of these rides being rated five stars. Without you, our dear driver-partners, we would not be where we are today.

As you may have heard from various sources, there will be changes to the industry as well as regulations. Rest assured, we will be guiding you through any potential changes to ensure a seamless transition for you. 

Most of the changes are what you have asked us for, whilst others are important to protect our driver community.

Effective 6 Aug 2018 

Starting next week, we will roll out FOUR key changes. Click on the subjects below for further details.

20% Commission For All Auto Accept (AA) Rides

Today, drivers using AA complete 15% more jobs than others. To help you earn even more, all Auto Accept (AA) rides will now be charged only 20% in commission.

Please refer to FAQ #3

Higher Peak Fares

We know getting stuck in peak hour traffic is a terrible experience. Following your feedback, we have decided to compensate for your time during morning and evening traffic by increasing peak hour fares.

Priority Allocation

Whenever a driver-partner ignores a job, another driver-partner has to drive further to pick-up the same passenger. With AA, drivers are always guaranteed the closest job to them. To encourage more AA rides, driver-partners on AA will be prioritized to receive more jobs.

Please refer to FAQ #1

More Cancellation Reasons

We respect our drivers’ right to cancel a ride especially under certain situations, like ‘Passenger No Show’. To be fairer to you, we have added more reasons which drivers can select to cancel a ride without impacting their Cancellation Rate (CR).

Please refer to FAQ #7

Earnings Protection

There are many cases in which a driver’s earning is affected. In such cases, we promise to do our best to compensate you. Below is our commitment:

  • [REPLACED with Time Booster Bonus, 26 Nov 2018] Far pick-up bonus for AA rides: Minimum guarantee of RM1 for every 1 KM driven (including trip and pick-up distance) on all completed AA ridesPlease refer to FAQ #5 and #6
  • Passenger dirtying car / minor car damages: Reimbursement of minor cleaning / restoration charges with valid evidence such as photographs and receipts. Please refer to FAQ #8
  • Passenger left without paying your fare or toll charges: Reimbursement of fares and/or toll charges. Please refer to FAQ #9

Next-day Incentive Payout

To help you earn faster, you will now receive incentives in your cash wallet by the end of the next business day (after 8pm).

* Applies only to daily incentives (e.g. Hourly Guarantees)

Auto Accept (AA) Rides For Incentives

As we move towards protecting the income of our drivers, we believe those who benefit from incentives should also be fair to others. Therefore, to be fair to all, driver-partners will only be eligible for incentives whenever they turn on AA.

  • [REPLACED with Time Booster Bonus, 26 Nov 2018] Hourly Guarantees (HG): Only AA rides and AA online hours will be taken into account. No more Acceptance Rate (AR) requirement. Driver Rating (DR) requirement still applies. Please refer to FAQ #4
  • [REPLACED with Time Booster Bonus, 26 Nov 2018] Flexi incentives: Only AA rides will be counted towards trip targets.


  1.  Please check your settings before driving on 6 August 2018 to ensure that you have toggled on the Auto Accept feature, to avoid trips and online hours not being counted during the day.
  1. Due to system limitations, the in-app incentives will only reflect the AA online hours after 10AM on 6 August 2018. However, please note that the changes will affect all schemes on 6 August 2018, including the incentive schemes between 12AM to 10AM.
  1. Kindly note, the weekly opt-in form to switch to a different incentive type (hourly guarantees or flexi bonuses) will be open till 11:59pm, Wednesday (8 August 2018) only. The opt-in form will be permanently closed after 8 August 2018.

Better Safety

As this mission is very close to our hearts at Grab, by end-2018, we will roll out two features:

  • SOS button in-app while in-transit
  • Passenger verification feature to help Grab and drivers identify passengers

Compensation For “Passenger No Show” And Late Cancels By Passenger

We understand that it’s a big frustration for driver-partners when a passenger doesn’t show up or cancels last minute. Therefore, we are committed to compensate driver-partners for these occurrences very soon. Please stay tuned.


Whenever a driver-partner ignores a job, another driver-partner has to drive further to pick-up the same passenger. However, due to the far pick-up distance, the driver-partner risk having the job cancelled by passenger despite already being on the way to pick-up.

With AA, driver-partners are always guaranteed the closest job to them, protecting their time and earnings.

In summary, you will enjoy the following benefits with Auto Accept:

  • Priority Allocation
  • Far pick-up bonus
  • Lower commission of 20%
  • Incentives

We heard your feedback so look forward to further improvements on the AA feature by end of the year:

  • Easy – no need to tap on the screen to acknowledge jobs
  • Seamless – no need to toggle between driver app and map navigation screens
  • Closer – improved pick-up distance for AA jobs

The toggle button can be found under Settings in the Driver Profile page. If you need to turn it off in a hurry, please turn off the ‘unavailable for jobs’ button and you will stop receiving jobs until you turn on the ‘availability’ button.

Click here to view the video on how to turn on AA.

In line with recent e-hailing regulations, we are lowering commission for our driver-partners! 

If your current commission rate is 25%, you will be charged only 20% in commission for all AA rides.

If your current commission rate is 20%, it will still remain 20% for all rides including AA rides.

No more Acceptance Rate (AR). Driver Rating (DR) 4.7 requirement still apply.


John completes a 9.5KM trip with a pick-up distance of 3KM = total distance driven is 12.5KM. Fare is RM11.

So the fare per total distance driven = RM0.88 (RM11/12.5KM).

*The trip and pick up distance will be calculated based on Grab’s mapping system.

Example of where the bonus will be shown in your Job History & Partner Statement:

*It will be paid together with your fares into your cash wallet after the job is completed.

Far pick-up bonus is only applicable for all completed AA trips.

For driver-partners earning Hourly Guarantees : Far pick-up bonus will only be available for hours not covered by guarantees.

For all other driver-partners: Far pick-up bonus will be available at all hours.

*Available for all service types except GrabShare

Besides ‘Passenger no show’, you can now select from the following options:

  • Too many passengers or luggage
  • Can’t pick-up at location

Click here to learn more about it.

Any minor damages incurred to your vehicle is claimable of up to RM150. Evidence (photographs and receipts) must be submitted along with your report to make the claim.

List of minor damages include:

  • Vomit
  • Food and drinks spills
  • Dents and scratches (internal and external of vehicle)
  • Dirty seat stains caused by passengers

*Please note that the policy applies on a case by case basis as the circumstances for each case will vary.

**All claims must be made within 14 days from the date of the incident.

How to claim in the Grab driver app:

  1. Click ‘Support’ in your App
  2. Click on ‘Help Centre’
  3. Click ‘Report a past trip issue’
  4. Click ‘Feedback about my passenger’
  5. Click on ‘My passenger made a mess or damaged my car’
  6. Select the relevant trip

Click here to make a claim on the website.

In the event where your passengers didn’t pay for their fares and/or toll charges, report the ‘Booking ID’ to us immediately.

*Please note that the policy applies on a case by case basis as the circumstances for each case will vary.

**All claims must be made within 14 days from the date of the incident.

How to claim in the Grab driver app:

  1. Click ‘Support’ in your App
  2. Click on ‘Help Centre’
  3. Click ‘Report a past trip issue’
  4. Click ‘Payment or Trip Issue’
  5. Click on ‘My passenger didn’t pay’
  6. Select the trip that the passenger didn’t pay

Click here to make a claim on the website.