My Destination


My Destination is a feature that allows drivers to key in a particular destination, and receive jobs that are along the way to their destination.

After enabling the My Destination mode, the driver will receive jobs that are nearby, or along the way to the set destination. (e.g. driving home, driving to office )

How to set your My Destination.


How to turn on My Destination


Note : If driver doesn’t receive a job within one minute, an additional prompt appears “In My Destination mode, job allocation depends on passenger demand”

Jobs completed while on the My Destination do not count towards incentives (trip based or hourly guaranteed)

Accepting, ignoring, cancelling, and completing a My Destination job will affect DAX’s AR, CR and  DR  like any other job, thus potentially drivers eligibility for incentives.

Enabling the feature does not guarantee the availability of jobs

Availability of jobs is determined by : 1) the selected destination  2) passenger demand

The feature does not apply to GrabShare, back-to-back jobs, advanced bookings, and multi-stop rides