Expand your customer base and stay ahead with our new Promotions feature

With more Malaysians spending time online, the right promos can help you boost the growth of your business.

We’re committed to helping you advance your business in a way that suits you. Our new Promotions feature makes it even easier for you to market your store and products on the GrabMerchant App.

How does this feature help you?

Promotions can help you reach new customers and get more sales. With this feature, you can now try out, customise and launch different promotions to suit your business needs through the GrabMerchant App. You’ll also receive campaign reports and analytics to help you improve your future campaigns.

What you can do with the Promotions feature.

Our new Promotions feature is available to all GrabFood single-outlet merchant-partners, and will soon be available to merchant-partners with more than one outlet. With just a few taps, you can start and manage campaigns for your business on the GrabMerchant App.

How to use the Promotions feature.

Get started with these steps:

Find out more about the Promotions feature here

Your promotions will start based on the date you set in the GrabMerchant App. We hope this new feature makes your journey to offer your own customised promotions easier, so you can focus on the day-to-day of your business. Start growing online with Promotions on the GrabMerchant App today!

Do you have feedback or questions on this new feature? Reach out to us here.