The way you access your GrabMerchant app will be changing

GrabMerchant is our promise to serve your business beyond just delivery services – this includes continuously improving our app and services to help you manage and grow your business even further. We have introduced a new and improved method of logging in to the GrabMerchant app. Key changes:

  • Introduction of username/password logins for different user roles within your business
  • Improved access to our services for business owners and store managers

Introduction of Username And Password Logins

The GrabMerchant App will be moving away from the current login method using Gmail; shared within employees of your store. Instead, you will soon be able to login using different username and passwords for different roles within the business:

1.Business Owner role

2.Store Manager role

3.Cashier role

We will move away from the current Gmail login method starting 18th November 2020. You will not be able to access your GrabMerchant App and receive orders if you do not login with your new username (you will be logged out of the GrabMerchant App and will not be able to receive orders).

These roles will give you access to different features within the GrabMerchant App. All different user roles will be able to login to the GrabMerchant app concurrently; using different Android devices.

[IMPORTANT] Actions Required:

It is important that you and your staff follow the instructions in the email by Grab and ENSURE everyone in your outlet with Gmail access to the GrabMerchant App, login with their new username and password as soon as possible to avoid service disruptions.

These emails will be sent to :

  • Email of Owner (Authorized Representative) for Business Owner Role
    *Note: The business owner role will be created for merchants with single stores only. Business owner role for merchants with multiple stores will be created in the coming months, for an enhanced experience
  • Email of Store/Outlet for Store Manager and/or Cashier role

Please follow the instructions in the email to login with the new username and temporary password for each user role. You will be asked to reset the password at the first-time login.

If you do not login with the temporary password within 3 days, go to the GrabMerchant App, click on “Forgot Password” and input your username to retrieve a new temporary password.


We understand that some of you had trouble logging in and receiving your temporary passwords. It’s okay we are here to help. In the event you and your staff forget your new username and passwords, or if you missed the 3 day deadline to log in with your temporary passwords, you may follow the steps below to retrieve a new one:

  • Click Forget password and enter your respective USERNAME (this is NOT your email address). Please do not enter your email address or mobile number. The new temporary password will be sent to the email address associated with your username.


Your username can be retrieved from the email titled “Welcome to Grab Merchant” as highlighted below.

If after clicking on “Forgot Password”, you and your staff do not receive your new password or have trouble logging in with the new usernames and passwords, please visit our Help Centre page in the link below for further assistance.

We appreciate your understanding and swift response in completing the above.