Understand your customers and grow with us.

Customers are key to your business’ growth. Knowing what your customers want can help you find ways to attract new and repeat customers.

Here are some insights on how GrabFood consumers behave, along with some tips on how you can give them the best experience.

Key consumer insights

We held a survey with GrabFood consumers on their ordering habits. Here’s what we found:


of our users ordered GrabFood from restaurants that they have visited in the past month.


of consumers in the survey have ordered from restaurants that they had not visited in the past 1 year.


of our users find and try out new restaurants with GrabFood.

New normal trends you need to know.

As we get used to the new normal, many of us are developing new habits that affect the way we shop. Here are some of the ways consumers’ behaviours are changing, and what we can expect in the future.

How to grow your business on GrabFood.

Did you know that online stores can work similarly to physical stores? Let us show you how you can grow your online store like a physical store.