How to thrive online in the new normal with GrabFood.

We are living in an ever-changing environment. COVID-19 is not settling down, and we have to be prepared for CMCO and stricter SOPs.

In order for your business to survive and thrive, we need to be able to adapt to changes quickly. One of the changes that has been crucial to many business owners is shifting their focus to the online world. At GrabFood, we are constantly working to find new ways you can grow your business with us.

In the past few months, you’ve played a part in boosting Malaysia’s online shopping economy, and learned some helpful tips on growing in the new normal. Here are some of the highlights.

Online shopping is bigger than ever.

Many things have relaxed since we moved into the RMCO – and with some of us still in CMCO, it seems like ordering more food deliveries is now part of the new normal. People are now used to spending more time at home, and have grown to love the choice and convenience that food delivery services can offer them. At the same time, delivery allows them to skip social-distancing lines, and get their favourite meals safely without worrying about new SOPs.

This may be why GrabFood has grown significantly, especially in August and September, where we took part in the government’s Shop Malaysia Online campaign.

Thanks to your dedication to serving customers safely, we have seen a growth of more than 30% in deliveries and eaters since the MCO!

What Grab merchants learned at our first webinar.

On the 21st and 22nd of September, GrabFood Merchants learned new ways to grow at our webinar. We understand how busy things can get in these challenging times, so if you weren’t able to attend or just want a recap, don’t worry. We’re listing down some key takeaways from our very first webinar:

1. How to support your digital business.

GrabFood’s mission is to help entrepreneurs grow through our digital platform. Our impact is huge – together, we’ve served millions in Malaysia, and with your help, we’ve provided vital support to communities during MCO

 At the webinar, we covered ways GrabFood can help your business grow online, and how to best serve your customers in the new normal.

Find out more about understanding your customers here.

2. Operational challenges and insights to help you grow.

Running a business is challenging, and we understand that, as merchants, you face a whole different set of challenges online. GrabFood aims to provide its merchant partners with the best experience, so we are constantly working to help you overcome your operational challenges online.

We explained some of the new features on the GrabMerchant app at the webinar, and how these features are designed to help you run your business more easily.

Along with the GrabMerchant app’s new features, Grab aims to help you optimise your operations, so you can grow your business more efficiently.

We went through the GrabMerchant app’s new Menu Insights feature, which can help restaurant partners like you manage your inventory and find new ways to attract customers.

Learn more about these new GrabMerchant app features here.

Want more insights and learnings to help you grow your business better with Grab? Stay tuned for more merchant events in the future!