GrabBike – FAQs

Q: Where is GrabBike available? 

A: The service is currently available in KL Sentral, KLCC, Ampang, Wangsa Maju, and Mont Kiara only but we are looking to expand our service to the entire Klang Valley.

Q: What is the operating hours of GrabBike?

A: 6am to 2am (cashless from 9pm to 2am)

Q: Must I bring my own helmet?

A: A helmet will be provided by our driver-partner and you are required to wear it as it is required by Malaysian law.

Q: How many passengers are allowed on the ride? 

A: Only 1 passenger is allowed. 

Q: Can I bring my child along with me?

A: Due to safety reasons, we only allow 1 passenger at a time and children are not allowed. Please book a GrabCar instead if you have more than one passenger. 

Q: Can I change my destination mid-trip?  

A: No, you are not allowed to change your destination mid-trip.

Q: What if my driver does not provide me a Grab helmet? 

A: Your driver is obliged to provide you a Grab helmet that meets our safety requirements. If your driver does not provide you a Grab helmet, do not board the vehicle, cancel the booking and report it to us via our in-app Help Centre.

Q: My driver is not wearing a Grab jacket. Is this allowed? 

A: Drivers must always wear Grab jacket when on duty. If your driver is not wearing a Grab jacket, do not board the vehicle, cancel the booking and report it to us via our in-app Help Centre.

Q: How can I report my driver for improper conduct (reckless driving, rude, etc)? 

A: You can report it via call or writing to our in-app Help Centre.

Q: Can I use the GrabBike service when in rains? 

A: Due to safety concerns, we do not encourage passengers to book GrabBike when it is raining.
We encourage you to book a GrabCar instead.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement for passengers to use GrabBike? 

A: Passengers must be at least 18 years old to use GrabBike as this is a requirement by the Ministry of Transport.

Q: Can I do multi-stop rides on GrabBike?

A: No, you are not allowed to do multi-stop rides on GrabBike.

Q: What is the service fee?

A: The RM0.30 service fee helps cover the cost of personal accident coverage for both our driver-partners & passengers, safety equipment, new safety initiatives and additional training to make riding with Grab even safer.

Q: What is the scope of insurance coverage on GrabBike passenger?

A: Insurance coverage for passenger begins the moment the passenger boards the motorcycle until the driver drops off the passenger.

Q: How far can I travel with GrabBike? 

A: You can only travel within the service area.
ie) KLCC only within KLCC area, Wangsa Maju only within Wangsa Maju area.

Q: How can I book a female driver? 

A: You can only book a female driver if you are female passenger. You can book by choosing GrabBike (KLCC) for Female Passengers or GrabBike (Wangsa Maju) for Female Passengers.

Q: Can a female passenger use the non-female GrabBike service type? 

A: Yes you may but if you prefer female drivers only, we encourage you to book the GrabBike service type for female passengers. 

Q: What if I get into an accident on GrabBike? 

A: Please get in touch with our customer service either via call or our in-app Help Center to report the incident and they will assist you from there.